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Ouran Sewing Tutorial 1

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page 2: [link]

Part of our series of Anime/Manga-related tutorials. This combination (Ouran and sewing) was suggested by :iconcantthinkofanamelol: As you've probably guessed, this is page one of a series. This was a challenge in that I have next to no experience drawing Ouran characters. It's good practice for drawing guys in suits, something I don't draw often. And *gasp* I'm actually putting in sound effects and color backgrounds! -koumori

Can anyone spot the cameo by a character not from Ouran? *hint: think about Tamaki's seiyuu*

More anime-inspired tutorials here [link]

please comment/critique but do NOT use as a base/vector

Ouran High School Host Club and Death Note belong to their creators.
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Ohhh my gosh! Where the hell is Mori when you need him!?!?!
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lol gret art bt the diolage confused mi arnt hikaru and karou lik futre owners of a hugh world wide clothing?disigning buesness? shouldnt they know basic sewing?
koumori-no-hime's avatar
haha Yes, I suppose they would. The purpose of the comic was to teach sewing and someone had asked me to use them (since they were her favorite).
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dont blame hr its immposible NOT 2 love the twins but personaliy 4 mi and mi si we like mori and we call tamkik "the blond idiot" we literaly call him that
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Yes, Mori is my favorite, too.
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in the words of haruhis dads fellow tranny "nothng wasted in word or deed! (3 refreser points!)" lol XD
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Hikaru and Kaoru seem modeled *O*

I love it :3
koumori-no-hime's avatar

And thank you.
Wakato-Girl's avatar
Yes, is that they are equal x3

you're welcome :hug:
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"Yes, sir" *pushes up glasses while dialing*
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Haha. He always has the situation under control. -k
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haha love it! :D
koumori-no-hime's avatar
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*le gasp*!
i can tell that this is going to be an epic series :3!
thanks so much for drawing out my idea! cant wait for more^^!!
twins look so awesome >3< *squeel*!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
^^ Thank you. I'm so glad you like it, and thank you for the great suggestion! -Koumori
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My compliments, your twins look very very identical!
koumori-no-hime's avatar
Really?! You couldn't have said anything better to make my day! The girl who suggested this idea is a huge Hikaru fan, so I was terribly worried that they would look bad. ^^' -Koumori
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Where is Mori-sempai when you need him?

And I've been around a certain former president too long. When I read Tamaki's 'hello ladies', I heard it in my head in burp-form.
koumori-no-hime's avatar
^^ that woman will be missed. -k
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