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Sakura Kyouko

Rofl I just realized I spelt Kyouko wrong....oh well.

Anyways, man it sucked so much when your internet got cut off for like, 2 whole weeks with occasional connectivity that only lasted for 5 minutes max rofl ): Nothing could be uploaded during those times and replying comments took like, 5 minutes to run lolololol reminds me of the old days.....

The composition sucks in this but I couldn't care less now lol... this may or may not be printed for sale at Cos+Effect anime convention in Vancouver @ August, depending if my future works are majorly better than this one. But ajslkfxjbc I'm so behind in this I gotta hurry OTL

Sakura Kyouko (c) Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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it looks awsome!
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Both "Kyouko" and "Kyoko" are fine. It depends of the romanization system you're using. Most Japanese people omit the "u" with the long "o" (as happens with Kyouko) when they write in romaji because they were taught a different romanization system than us ;).

This is very good drawing, I think so. I like the colours a lot. :D.

See ya! ^_^
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Absolutely stunning. Your attention to detail is fabulous!
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OH MY ! This is so stunning ! I love it so much
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Priceless! so great! I love her crazy experssion :)
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I love this color so much... ":iconshining-eyesplz:
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i love how fiery red the color is.. :D ^_^
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I love the background and lighting on this; it feels like she's in a church. Which is an awesome nod to her background.

Fav'd. :3
Atfyntify's avatar
WTF?! sucks? Sucks? are you serious? no way! this is wonderful and amazing!!!
Potterwatcher1997's avatar
She's my favorite, great job >u<
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Wow. I just love the style and detail in this. Great job!
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Ooh...she's scary. Nice work.
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Wow. This. Is. Beautiful ; u;
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Amazing and beautiful. :D


Please visit my art anytime! :D
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Hey, I'm Ren's friend, the one that was supposed to be sharing a table with you guys, but uh..didn't. ;;

If you print this I would so buy it. I love Puella Magi.
koulin's avatar
Oh! You are Ash right? xD It's okay! We'll still be glad if we can see you in the con! >u<

Haha, I did print it out~ It'll be available as a 8.5x11 <3
ephemeryl's avatar
Haha, yes I am. xD
Yes, I saw you and Ren there, I was dressed up as Yoruichi. xD

Your artwork is gorgeous, I hope the selling went well!
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Very good! unusual painting technique. Do you use any filters?
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Not really! I used a LOT of layer modes though, overlay was the most common (I abused it ROFL), and then there was Hard Light and Luminosity I think....yeah I can't remember, but basically I just stacked everything together and experimented >u<;;
Absolutely stunning.

One minor flaw though, Kyouko's chest isn't quite that ample.
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IKR. I totally...referenced the wrong fan art when I was drawing her >> << >>
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