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Free to use on your blog, page or website!

Thank you lord for ad block.

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By downloading this you are free to post and share the work Online but cannot edit the base image, claim the work as their own or resell the work.
Please credit if you intend on using in one way or another, Please link back to the work or use the thumb code if you are intending on using it in coding.
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This is the only one of these ads I like! I remember seeing these all the time way back then. XD

Possibly using on my page with credit in the future!
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Can you explain me how frames work to make this animation, please <3 
I couldnt understand direction how it move...
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It moves diagonally per frame
Middle > top left> bottom right > top right >bottom left then it loops around
VynguyenST96's avatar
thank you a lot :heart:
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conglaturations! you are WINRAR!
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im waiting for my reward, where are my computer viruses?
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bless this page deco
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I love this so much
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Thank you, glad you like it!
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using outside da (with credit ofc)
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ooh! It looks awesome good job!
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Oh goody what do I win?
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