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Commission Guidelines
Payments via Paypal only please.
For items less than $10, full payment needs to be made upfront.
Items $10 and more operate on full payment being made after a sketch is approved
All prices based on one character drawings.
Additional characters cost extra depending on the detail of the commission. Fully shaded characters are $20 each.
Commissions less than $5 don't get approval sketches or changes made. Commissions $5 and above
do get approval sketches and changes are allowed to be made to a certain extent. A large pile of changes or a complete overhaul costs $5 extra from the get-go and does not get a free round due to the amount of time that involves. Small changes can be made for free once though. Small changes cost $1 each after the first free round of changes.

If you spend $100 or more on commissions from me, you get to pick out an extra as a free gift of appreciation.^^ Please choose what you'd like from the $20 and below sections. However, these extras are a free gift so these will be one-shot deals with no approval sketches or changes unless something went horribly wrong with the character design.

If you need your commission done by a certain deadline and there are commissions ahead of you that don't have to be done by a certain deadline, the cost is $2 per person skipped to be put first in line so that your piece will be done by that date.

There is an extra fee charged for complex details or extra limbs on a character. How much more will depend on the complexity of the commission but I will let you know.

In most cases, commissioners can get a high res version and non-watermarked version
of their commission. Please make sure if you repost it that you upload the
watermarked version, however, and link back to the original from my gallery.

If you commission me for a traditional piece, I will gladly mail it to you.I am able to mail commissions out on Saturdays and Mondays whichever is closest from the time the commission is completed. Please include $4.25 for first class shipping with tracking included to the commission cost.

Please note that I do not do any nude, sexual, or fetish-related commissions. I also don't draw commissions of copyrighted characters or trademarked products or logos such as Pepsi or Nike. Please do not ask me to do art based upon another artist's. I will not copy another artist's pose or idea. Also since I have less time for commissions now, I may refuse to draw a character that has extra body parts beyond what that sort of creature would normally have or if it has too many in general or I may refuse to draw a character that has a hundred million markings and piercings/other accessories

When giving me your refs please make sure they are G rated or at least send me
a censored copy.

Please only contact me about a commission if you really are interested in one. If you change your mind later, do not leave me in the dark. Let me know that you have changed your mind. I won't bite.

I sound quite serious here but despite that I do my best to provide friendly and prompt service and to keep you updated on your commission. :)

NOTICE: Until the corona virus outbreak is over, I will not be mailing out any commissions so right now ordering digital ones are best unless you're fine with  having the highest res available version of a traditional commission emailed to you :)

Commission Prices
$5 items:
Pencil/pen headshot sketches.
$5 Sketch Examples:

$7 items:
Pencil sketches
Small Character Cut-Out Portraits
$7 Icon Examples:
$7 Pencil sketch Examples:
$7 Cut Out Portrait Examples:

$10 items: 
Shaded digital sketch headshots
Shaded digital sketch headshot example:

$15 items:
Inked sketches
Custom bookmarks
$15 inked sketches examples:
$15Custom Bookmarks examples:

$20 items:
Inked and shaded sketches
Con badges
Digital and Traditional Flat Color Character Portraits
Digital Flat Colored Chibis
Digital Flat Colored Icons
Digital Headshots
Inked and shaded sketch examples:
Con Badge examples:
Digital Flat color character portrait example:
Traditional Flat color character portrait examples:
Digital flat colored Chibi Example: 
Digital Flat Colored Icon Example: 
Digital Headshot Example: 

$30 items:
ACEO Cards
Shaded Chibis
Shaded character icons
ACEO Examples:  
Shaded Chibi example: 
Shaded Character Icon Examples:  

$40 items:
Shaded color character portraits with no or simple background
Digital Example::
Traditional Example:

$50+ items:
Illustrations with shading and background.
Flat colored ref sheets.
Traditional Example:
Digital Example:

Flat color Ref Sheet Example:

$100 and up:
Portraits with full fur or scale detail.
Shaded ref sheets
Examples of fur and scaled detailed commissions:
Traditional (realism) Example:
Digital Examples:  
Shaded ref sheet Examples:  
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