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Flamini icons set for KDE



This official release of Flamini icon pack for KDE SC.
Icon pack is in BETA stage, so expect big design changes in certain parts of the icon pack by newer versions.

Download link is below

*** Before you continue, please take this survey so I can get best feedback from you as a potential users and a critic.

Flamini, a flat, minimal icons for KDE desktop.
Icons designed to be simple, colorful and beautiful.

Icon pack is still in the beta phase because there is much more work to do to complete icon pack, so be patient and give me as much feedback as you can by taking survey or contacting me on mail:


If you wish to support development of the icon pack, please do this by disabling adblock on my links (disable adblock before downloading, or just add an exception to your adblock for my links in, or if you have few bucks to spare, please consider purchasing the icon pack to support the project and show that you appreciate the work and time spent into making the icons.

Download link:

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I am sorry that you have abandoned this awesome project. I am still using for Debian/GTK2 I'd like enormously.
Thank you for making this awesome package.
I will only use Flamini 
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Well I'm not suggesting to do this for a living, just a hobby when you have time.

Just remember, if you are a Linux user, a lot of Developers around the world contribute to Linux all for free too. :)

So is there any current icon/folder pack you are working on that is for free?

As far expenses, there is nothing in the Open Source world to allow the creation of such art work for free?

I know Gimp isn't tops, but I would of assumed in the hands of a skilled artist, along with Inkscape this might be possible....
KotusWorks's avatar
I have doing this for 15 month now, and just 2 days ago I quitted this so called "hobby of making icons", and transferred my most successful and most worked on Icon packs called Ardis icon theme, and Ursa icon theme to Nitrux team, now they will continue to develop it. 

Everything I was doing was for free. And I don't think I'll ever do this kind of hobby in any time soon. 
DevyGrl's avatar
Ahhh doesn't seem like it's been in development very long, how sad! :(

This is a very nice icon set, you shouldn't stop working on it, till you make it more complete, with more application icons.

Maybe you don't realize this is truly one of the nicer folder/iconsets out there! :)

Please reconsider, hey just a little time is all I'm asking to keep it alive, don't let it die yet!
KotusWorks's avatar
Well, I'm really happy that you like my work, but you have to have one thing in mind, icon making is expensive, time consuming, and highly unprofitable process. Not that I'm saying that I have to earn money by doing this, no, I was making icons out of fun and in my free time. And I can't pay rent by doing fun side project like this anymore... It's just too expensive for me to continue with making icons for free for everybody.

You are free to fork and continue working on this icon pack by yourself, and not let it die yet. 

DevyGrl's avatar
Nice icons!

Can you please make icons for devices?

KotusWorks's avatar
sorry no, this icon pack is no longer in development 
masolit's avatar
coder53 you can download the missing icons from numix circle icon pack.
coder53's avatar
still waiting for last version
KotusWorks's avatar
this icon theme isn't in development anymore,so better switch to something else that's actively developed, like my other icon themes...
IMHO, flamini is better than any other but needs set for hardware
coder53's avatar
please add wireshark icon
molecule-eye's avatar
Kmail icons missings in a big way! Otherwise awesome!
sanhuesoft's avatar
Where are you man? I'm worried about you.
coder53's avatar
and please fix for gtk app :)
KotusWorks's avatar
I don't think I'll make this theme compatible with gnome and other DE-s in any time soon... In the meantime, please check this theme…
It supports all DE-s
coder53's avatar
no, i mean the gtk app like firefox, chrome... These apps not load Falmini action icon, it fallbacks to gnome classic icon. I must convert and resize scalable svg icon to png and put to directories 22x22,32x32...
KotusWorks's avatar
Ohhhhh... I haven't been aware of this problem, thanks for the report ;)
coder53's avatar
waiting for libreoffice icon theme :D
KotusWorks's avatar
libreoffice? You mean to say that icons for libreoffice apps are not displayed on your system?
coder53's avatar
no, libreoffice not use kde icon theme, it use its icon at /usr/share/libreoffice/share/config/image_*.zip
Buggyballs23's avatar
:happybounce: Epic theme Bro!!!!!! Nice.Heart 
arktika13's avatar
great great work....!!!robot emoticon :fire: 
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