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:iconkottylingual:Kottylingual posted a status
I am still gonna take a break, I thought March is the last day yesterday until today it is oopsys, but I am gonna have a break from DA till June, but those users who treat me badly and thinking I should be, well I don't want to say that, they think I should get out of DA, but I am sure it won't work like that, bcus I only did journals of them, not alternating new accounts, been a month they were bragging me like this, it's still so sad the reason depresses me so much, I tried telling them to stop do anti towards me on that Lilo & Stitch and other franchise fandom, bcus I'm a big Sparky & Ai fan, but I did the 1st parody on what Lilo did to Ai so Ai got Sparky now as a joke, these fans should get over this offense against me, I mean no harm, they still will not understand me!

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