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:iconkottylingual:Kottylingual posted a status
I was trying to finish a couple pictures tonight, but it turns out to be a lot of work so I guess I'll not make it for the last 2017 day of this year, I wish it is like 1 more month left, again, but I get lazy in the summer to finish the 1st art so my motivation got weaker before this year ends or maybe it's my energy feel drain and it's the reason I can't finish them all if I did it earlier, even I feel sleepy as I want to try to finish the works still, but all these details to draw and pasting too and sad thing is 2017 is over soon, I'd be motivated when 2021 comes, but for another year with a 7, but 2027 would be too long as it's just 10 years away so 2021 year will be fine, it's just I'm picky when I'd be into Chinese and Brazilian or Latin/Romance culture or Korean too arts to make who r not the English cultures or not native English speakers, but they do speak English to me, don't worry I'll come back. Oh, how I wish they get finnish in time before my motivation stopped when 2017 is gone, but maybe a little in another later late year too.

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