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The 1st Anniversary of Chinese Lilo & Stitch spin-off as it should say in the title, but it does not let me!
original in China in Chinese by Kottylingual
The original release last year in 2017 on March 27th and the video.

Enjoy watching a video 1 year after the Chinese Lilo & Sttch spin-off show came out in China last March the 27th, uploaded by Margry M, a utube partner.

Also since we believe that Sparky should be in this show in his own timeline meeting Ai in the 1st place instead, it should be the same way as Timon & Pumbaa do not forcus on Simba or Nala and same exactly like in the Pokemn Chronicles does not focus on Ash and the gang should be an accurate 1 for Sparky in this Chinese spin-off so like u watched the video, it mentioned about this u saw  Sparky and Ai YES Petition Stitch and Ai is a NO! by Kottylingual and the writings there to send it to the creators who made Stitch go to China to ask them if they could replace Sparky in this show, but I heard some1 tell me that I should use this website to do the petition after I notified from some1 saying this "Please,please, please start a petition on a website like of you want a new Sparky centered show.' so neither do us know that site, I don't know, could u guys do that instead, bcus I find a waste of time to create new accounts I'm lazy to do, please?
Also from what u see on a utube video description is to send on the Disney facebook page this "'
Hi, Disney/ABC when Marc Handler/Tony Craig made that Chinese spin-off, but why didn't Marc Handler/Tony Craig just do Sparky & Ai, that be perfect and better then Stitch as did Marc/Tony know Sparky would absolutely match the Chinese setting to meet Ai instead so that Sparky be Ai's first experiment friend in this latest new Chinese spin-off of Lilo & Stitch? Did Marc Handler/Tony Craig, already know Sparky looks like a part Chinese dragon and that Sparky should be making these Chinese dragons or meeting the real Chinese dragons with Ai, Jumba and Pleakly in Huangshan, China? It be cool if Sparky wear this red, orange and yellow outfit with the antennae cap seen in the trailer and his stick that Sparky will spin with that his outfit and weapon will perfectly match Sparky's creamy yellow fur by that outfit that has golden yellow with red and orange, does Marc Handler/Tony Craig think so? So we heard about Craig was not sure about the series for the USA release, but we want to know is it, because Craig found out those hateful comments on youtube that fans hating another new girl, again replaced Lilo out for Stitch? So will it work for Sparky having he's own human friend from China to Ai Ling instead, because Stitch, already had 2 girls just enough, but do you think Marc Handler would make it work for a perfect Sparky & Ai Chinese spin-off so fans will eventually love to see Ai with Sparky then Stitch if Craig think it's a good idea to tell Marc Handler that? So we want Sparky & Ai, Sparky & Ai will be absolutely perfect so Sparky looks like a chosen one to go to China for looking like a Chinese dragon-like and it be really cute if Ai will think Sparky is her little Chinese dragon alien friend."' so could u team up asking by copying this paragraph to alternate Sparky over Stitch meeting Ai, the edited series, please ask them here [link] as u see in M's utube video description and make the petition for 2019 to release a centered Sparky & Ai version 1 so make sure u all have facebook, ok?

Enjoy the celebration and the petition.
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