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To/dear/@:iconmegasonic1000: as u have comment on my submissions a few times and here was our last comments we've replied to each other when I remember ur work of this  Yuna And Stitch Art by megasonic1000 so was wondering if ur doing another art submission a 4th 1 that is all about, since this so really, do I look like I'm angry with a "'.'" at the end of my sentence of my last reply to ya?? What 0.0 by KottylingualSo as I didn't know to why u have blocked me in the 1st place as to later I found ur terrible comment saying I was in a what, seriously, I was not in a tantrum, u misunderstood, that is wrong, I am not in a tantrum, I was only curious, I am not kidding, that is unpleasant, rude to block me for being very mean to think that I have a tantrum that isn't true u giggitty weird pictured avatar family guy fan, why do u think I was in a tantrum, just what the hill, just unblock me and apologize to me right now, bcus I am really offended to say to me I was in a tantrum and I wasn't really seriously when I asked about ur 4th submission 2 months ago, where did u get that I have a tantrum?
I was never in a tantrum, I am just curious wondering if ur gonna do ur own 4th time submission, there is no reason of a freaking stupid thing to call me tantrum, so offending rude, I repeat, unblock me now and say ur sorry to me, please?

That is sick u said I was in a tantrum when I am not, jeez, use ur brain, stupid thing idiotic to say manage to block me, that's a bad luck decision of choice ya know?!
And what is a amok?

Do u understand how I feel when I am offended what u just said after blocking me when I was never ever been in a darn tantrum??
True story happy in the beginning at the start:
:iconspiritumiracle:, when I 1st met u just a year ago, 2017 last late spring! I was enjoying seeing u planning to submit all the coming soon submitted Sparky and Ai pics.
I am excited, I think u didn't mind is I over, again politely saying please fix this fix that, so I was thinking u got a long with me, u submitted over 2 Sparky & Ai work last year and planning to do finish 9 more left and the latest 1 was supposed to be in a blank last late spring on the 17th of may which u still didn't as I ask u to submit it blank, again and u didn't, not like u done to the 1st 1 on the back on the 7th.
That day, that day I got blocked and u wrote this stupid journal '"guys we have a serious problem"' so u deleted all the pictures and that is not really nice, it makes me offended, I did not know what is going on u done this, but then u unblock me so then u repost the art, again of Sparky & Ai, but when I tried asking u to submit another blank image, again as u did to the 1st, again and u still didn't, why can't u get the hint??

False bad outrageous ending of Sparky and Ai art:
Look I never forget this anguish thing last year, I remember u think I attack ur friends, like what am I a criminal using a knife at gunpoint or stuff like that? No! What in the world ur saying? I am just having the conversation with the users who comment ur journal to tell them the truth that u didn't understand what I was trying to ask u and pleasing u and then ur saying I blew it, that is the dysfunctional lieing thing I've ever read of my own experience here on DA, that is unacceptable u just did so what is the reason I attack ur visitors which I mean to conversation them, attack is a criminal thing, having a conversation of them that I reply them all is not an attack like r u coming from some cold hearted dysfunctional family ur acting like last year to lie me to call me an attacker, very offensive, where is ur hint thought right, where is ur satisfaction, where is ur thinking straight that I wasn't attacking them when I only convo them and I wasn't rushing u 12 months ago, since, period?!

Why do u have to be so angry like this, this is not the way we treat a person online, we learn in school to learn how to behave nicely, being angry is a bad behave thing and devilish thoughtless thing to say like oh I rush u that is insane misbehave thought, u should use ur satisfaction, where's ur satisfaction, where's ur straight thought is what I am exactly doing to ask, it is wrong to say I ask things to say and all u think is I was rushing u, stupid thought!?

I talk to this friend recently from Latin America and she wasn't angry, she was satisfied and gets impatient to want to finish it, but never gets angry or blocked me unlike u, so do u understand now, please I politely nicely ask u to bring back ur dragons and Sparky & Ai art back on DA in the stash, it is not dead, it is there and its in ur recycling bin, restore it now for people to see on DA as it once supposed to, do it once, again soon, ok??

Don't expect to think u lost interests of Sparky & Ai that u made a journal like that is ridiculous, it's there in ur heart, being angry and think I rush u is heartless, u did not pay attention to remember I use politely the magic words, please to u to fix them and thank u for fixing them, but, again u were supposed submit a blank image, not asking u to hurry up, I never say that!!

Oh and I remember, why r u saying boil ur blood like why u call that ur blood like that, why u sound if a vampire boil ur blood like that is the silliest three words I've ever read in my life like what is the meaning of this boil ur blood sounds very silly icky still, eewwww gross??

People be nice online, we share and u work very hard on this beautiful precious Sparky & Ai as well the dragon of experiments drawings, it's a bastard heartless thing to be angry, thinking I attack and then delete to be mean to not see these kind of drawings, again, this tragedy needs to end, change ur mind now, be as how it is in the beginning start over this freshness mind now and restore all the drawings of experiment dragons, Sparky and Ai pictures soon, thank u for understanding me and reading this.

U should of been satisfied and it's like not giving up that u can still do it to finish, but still I asked u to submit a blank image last year a 2nd time and now u got to be back on the passion on doing Sparky & Ai art to continue back on, bcus u said it was fun to do them!

And it is almost close to the 1 anniversary of the deleted Sparky & Ai arts in a day, that day is a terrible mess, a terrible sin of misunderstanding me, u did not properly being nice to me so change and respect how hard I try, it's my 1st experiencing to u ask to do Sparky & Ai requests ur doing for the fans, but at the end, u r not doing the right choice...

Even though, I am not sure if I did a better understandable way to explain as I could after lastly editing the 2 I forgot to say somethin'...
It's the 1st Anniversary of my 1st submitted Sparky & Ai edit image art.
Sparky and Ai should this be perfect by Kottylingual
I need somebody to spread the word to have them to stop thinking I was a trouble, bcus they still won't understand me!

Their heads r still in a mess that I need them that r still being against me being anti on me of them that they r against fought/thought has to stop and leave me in peace, help me, please, I need their against attitudes stopped so i could have a break, spread the word to have them stop being against me calling me offensive naughty names like lie or twist stupid, what's wrong with these people still?!
She still doesn't realize I love to help her last May, but I do say, please and she never asked if I am really helping her if it's the only respect way she does before blocking me twice last year!
Well spread the words of people who mention my 1st DA username Kottylingual, they won't stop talking naughty things of me, this needs to stop now, they have dirty minds against me still, horrible as their dirty minds to whoever r against me has to be erased!

Warning to friends and watchers !!And even lilo and stitch' stitch! And stitch and ai  fans there is bad news!!!  Guys all all know about that TROLL who made me upset and cried right for stupid sparky and ai drawings ( no offense to people who like sparky or ai in general  )
Well kotty is at again with a new rant journal *rolls eyes * making me look like a bad guy in this journal with dumb lies again boo hoo.
Kotty i know you are trying to fool others and it won't work if you keep it up and i already had a feeling that you where going to do this.
I been patient and kind to you and reply all to you guestions without whining.
There is no way I'm going to give you those sparky and ai drawings there are gone FOREVER !! And YOU CAN FORGET IT!! I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU ON THE WAY YOU ACTED TO ME!! THOSE DRAWINGS GIVE ME NOTHING BUT PAIN AND MISERY.
Plus I'm not taking down the jounal so cry me a river *yawns* you bore me to tears wi

:iconspiritumiracle: u do not know how much i try to help u last year, but u won't understand me still, how dare u said ur rest of Sparky & Ai drawings r gone, how nasty still and why did u not respond to my new friend who was leaving deviantart :iconannabeth5110: why did u not respond to him/her and I know ur Sparky & Ai art I want to see, again is in ur recycling bin forever, please quit that and I need to have a break from these people who cannot understand me, hurts me still!
If u want me to stop spiritumiracle, did u want me to apologize u for making u angry last May when I did not know u have no patients, just leave me alone, stop having angry thoughts of me ever, again, I was helping u and u shouldn't been angry in the 1st place, bcus i did not know ur/u get angry, ok?!

That :iconspiritumiracle: thing when she said '"boil my blood"' sounds like a funny joke I mean saying something funny what I read doesn't make any make sense, what is she saying, some vampire boiling blood in a pot on the fry pan just reminds me of this… question I saw the other day like eewww, boiling blood by vampires, eeww, creepy, weird sentence she said!

Hey, I never mention u about Stitch and Angel before and I never called Stitch Stitchy, where u get that I read on the comments of ur journal? I never say Stitch Stitchy, I always say Stitch, is Stitch, I am not the person to call Stitch differently!

Just give me a break, will ya mate, stop calling me liar, twister whatever bad words u said, I am not thinking ur the bad guys, i KNOW U DON'T UNDERSTAND ME SO STOP BEING NERDY JUDGMENTAL!!!
Yes, stop being so nerdy judgy for being against me, these r my last words and having my break now!

I cannot understand why did Stitch & that Ai exist, why did it had to exist when it makes me think people needs to know Sparky & Ai r perfect never knew they think of me would end up like that horribly, i thoght I have peace with them until this 1 got angry i never knew of, it's not so angelic!

Spiritumiracle thought I was a nit-picker rather just helping her she did not believe, it's not a real deal to call me a nit-picker, it's rude! I was only trying to be kind to help her not leave any odd mistakes, bcus i never deal the same situation like that other person I met never minds me asking her to fix her own mistakes!

I have to still have a break of this depression and read this  Taking a 2 month break from DA.Hello, I feel like wanting to take a break from DA for a while, bcus of a depression of naughty deviants put journals on me which is so awful, but I'd be back on June 1st to see.
Soon there should be no more people calling me names like spanmer, bcus I am not and it is not happening for them to think I asked anybody requests, I wasn't, only last year and it's done!
People do not know better about me!
This user called :iconstitchfan86: were adding troll pictures on my journals, r u having the same problem guys too, could u report this user, please?

Look at what he did. Like what is going on here?!
Weird Images by Kottylingual
Some weird person adding troll face pictures on my journals!
Hello, I feel like wanting to take a break from DA for a while, bcus of a depression of naughty deviants put journals on me which is so awful, but I'd be back on June 1st to see.

Soon there should be no more people calling me names like spanmer, bcus I am not and it is not happening for them to think I asked anybody requests, I wasn't, only last year and it's done!

People do not know better about me!
OK, every1 last year I had problems with this selfish evader Swedish grl deviant, bcus after she told me I had to pay, bcus i have no paypal that i never seen it before, but after she told me and I unable to have her do it for me so 1 little curosity thing I asked :iconcatdasher: if she love to draw Sparky & Ai politely and she blocked me without an answer "yes" or ''no'' and that's overreacting she blocked me instead of waiting for her last words so if she did I then would have left her if she answered either a "'yes" or 'no'", but that doesn't mean i beg for a request last year, but not for art after she told me I had to pay and I'm like that's fine and she rudely didn't when i was just asking when I liked to know, that's how she did not say yes or no shelfishly!

And then months later I did not know she has an account called :icondashing-angel: and found her journals spreading horrific rumors on me here  -Warning- this person spams artists for artHello everyone, just wanna warn you about a person named Kottylingual who goes around looking for artists that is making or has made "Lilo & Stitch" related art, they will ask you to make the characters "Ai and Sparky" (Ai is one of main characters from the new chinese spinoff series of Lilo & Stitch) and will continue to bug artists even if they say no or has no requests open or is busy.
there is a deviant artist named spiritumiracle that is been spammed by Kottylingual and when spiritumiracle decided to remove some of the artworks of Ai and Sparky or to just wanted to work on some of their OCs they got attacked by Kottylingual. they made spiritumiracle feel very stressed by asking them to make the picture to a specific date and constantly asking for when it was done.
here is 2 link to the comments of two pictures  to show
Link 1
Link 2
also noted when spir
 and recently another here  Kottylingual is at it again with Spamming!yes Kottylingual as i varned you guys about before is back to her spamming for requests..
read all about it from this journal -->
more journals that shows about kottylingual's actions.

Worse still, as you will read in those journals, Kottylingual makes extra accounts in order to trick the people who blocked her into unblocking her.
these accounts are Kawayoporu-chan (her main account),
She also has a YouTube account called Margaret M  youtube account she will spam people with her videos  the youtubes account is Margaret M, but its still same kottylingual.
danielnewton got me a screenshot like proof of it
oh also Kottylingual said she got inspired by :iconlittletiger488:'s comic to make her own one
Kottylingual has also allready put up a journal as
 how disgusting, a moron idea to put journals and things calling me I am the 1 upsetting a girl, but u don't understand I was helping her and I am not the 1 tries to hurt her, it's that she had no patients when I asked her to fix that, it's not nit-picking, it's helping out! Got it, those rumors r fake?!

She put me these journals and did not left me alone calling me a naughty and nasty thing spammer for adding despicable journals what is the reason calling me that like what on earth, I wish she deleted them and not claiming me some stupid accounts, Kottylingual is my main account, I don't have any other accounts at all and I was not meant a spammer, it's articles of my comments I use to do a lot sometime last year! I use to get asked by some people who wanted some1 to unblock some1 and it did not work for them, but I am offended she called me I was still requesting art, but I, already had enough, some1 is helping me do the Sparky & Ai work more then I do, bcus she is obsessed having fun to do them then I do bcus I am always a lazy person not able to finish Sparky & Ai art last summer!

There was another person called S-username who fix the details on her art last year, but she never had any angry issues like :iconspiritumiracle:, but why spiritu would act off like that while S-name isn't like that complaining, she even never called me a nit-picker so she should be calm like S does, I wish it happened last May so then I thought I wish if I asked spiritu to have them finished in June last year instead in May that I am not sure how she finish in time, but like that girl, spiritu should never have a reason to be angry and stump her foot down, kind of childish to do to snap out!!

I have found some1 who is Swedish too like her also have a similar situation there like me like he never blocked me, but blocked by those when he try showing belly art of cartoon characters while Dasher just blocks when I try to receive a yes or no saying if she does really love or not love draw Sparky & Ai, but that Sofy Nordqvist isn't well being patient on my question
 so this other Swedish user I feel bad about as myself after this another Swedish grl isn't just being a goody good person like this guy was.
Here is the fact, I read on the Sweden's flag Flag of Sweden it said "'The Nordic Cross design traditionally represents Christianity.'" so he is a good Swed guy, but why isn't she, like should all Sweds be friendly like all Europeans do, bcus all Europe has all the Christian culture into it meaning they all should be friendly or the Scandinavian people, not some of them mean like the Dutch people aren't??
Oh my gof, she should be worrying about what was sadly happening in Sweden today was a rap epidemic, she should not worry to block me, since I am safe, I never asked her like a phone number, address or anything which means she should not block me in the 1st place, that's unresponsive immaturity, asking if she ever loved to draw the pair is only a safety ask only without begging!
U should be worrying about Sweden ur home country Sofie not worrying my writings, my writings r just articles of info, not spamming, it's the dumbest thing u have ever said months ago and my comments about requests r like news notifications or newspapers to ask like come on mate, wake up Sofy!
Extra! Extra! Would ya like to do a Sparky & Ai art mates!? But those days r over, 2017 is over!

I am gonna have a break for 2 months, but still, i am not asking anybody requests at this point, not everyday, period!
I hope my Sparky fan friends will flag ur journals as spam Sofie!

Edit: Oh and zhat's my last emergency journal about the belief issue after that daniel and then last Dasher.
Edit2: Give me a break Sofy, I did not do recent anymore asking of Sparky & Ai art no means of spamming so give me a dog bam break!
The 1st Anniversary of Chinese Lilo & Stitch spin-off as it should say in the title, but it does not let me!
original in China in Chinese by Kottylingual
The original release last year in 2017 on March 27th and the video.

Enjoy watching a video 1 year after the Chinese Lilo & Sttch spin-off show came out in China last March the 27th, uploaded by Margry M, a utube partner.

Also since we believe that Sparky should be in this show in his own timeline meeting Ai in the 1st place instead, it should be the same way as Timon & Pumbaa do not forcus on Simba or Nala and same exactly like in the Pokemn Chronicles does not focus on Ash and the gang should be an accurate 1 for Sparky in this Chinese spin-off so like u watched the video, it mentioned about this u saw  Sparky and Ai YES Petition Stitch and Ai is a NO! by Kottylingual and the writings there to send it to the creators who made Stitch go to China to ask them if they could replace Sparky in this show, but I heard some1 tell me that I should use this website to do the petition after I notified from some1 saying this "Please,please, please start a petition on a website like of you want a new Sparky centered show.' so neither do us know that site, I don't know, could u guys do that instead, bcus I find a waste of time to create new accounts I'm lazy to do, please?
Also from what u see on a utube video description is to send on the Disney facebook page this "'
Hi, Disney/ABC when Marc Handler/Tony Craig made that Chinese spin-off, but why didn't Marc Handler/Tony Craig just do Sparky & Ai, that be perfect and better then Stitch as did Marc/Tony know Sparky would absolutely match the Chinese setting to meet Ai instead so that Sparky be Ai's first experiment friend in this latest new Chinese spin-off of Lilo & Stitch? Did Marc Handler/Tony Craig, already know Sparky looks like a part Chinese dragon and that Sparky should be making these Chinese dragons or meeting the real Chinese dragons with Ai, Jumba and Pleakly in Huangshan, China? It be cool if Sparky wear this red, orange and yellow outfit with the antennae cap seen in the trailer and his stick that Sparky will spin with that his outfit and weapon will perfectly match Sparky's creamy yellow fur by that outfit that has golden yellow with red and orange, does Marc Handler/Tony Craig think so? So we heard about Craig was not sure about the series for the USA release, but we want to know is it, because Craig found out those hateful comments on youtube that fans hating another new girl, again replaced Lilo out for Stitch? So will it work for Sparky having he's own human friend from China to Ai Ling instead, because Stitch, already had 2 girls just enough, but do you think Marc Handler would make it work for a perfect Sparky & Ai Chinese spin-off so fans will eventually love to see Ai with Sparky then Stitch if Craig think it's a good idea to tell Marc Handler that? So we want Sparky & Ai, Sparky & Ai will be absolutely perfect so Sparky looks like a chosen one to go to China for looking like a Chinese dragon-like and it be really cute if Ai will think Sparky is her little Chinese dragon alien friend."' so could u team up asking by copying this paragraph to alternate Sparky over Stitch meeting Ai, the edited series, please ask them here [link] as u see in M's utube video description and make the petition for 2019 to release a centered Sparky & Ai version 1 so make sure u all have facebook, ok?

Enjoy the celebration and the petition.
Look mate :icondanielnewton: it's my last to post this journal to u, bcus like u just did last year blocking and unable to say anything back to u, but u r acting very strange for being suspicious to my comments last year like I mention on my previous journal when I was very nuts snapped, so about the picture u saw Stitch taken back by Lilo, it's only a joke, got it?

So here's the thing Untitled by Kottylingual so u think u r frightened, how stupid is that, zhat's does not make any sense like it's a computer we're living on, u r not like Courage The Cowardly Dog Courage the Cowardly DogCourage The Cowardly Dog  ya know mate that :bademoticon: :bademoticon: scardyCTCD - unhappy Courage  :bademoticon: dog:bademoticon: Courage the Cowardly Dog - Scream  90s cartoon show u sort of learned to behave from, why is that?!

And the same old stupid misunderstanding on that grl I only try to help her not leaving any unmatching mistakes, I only was trying to help her, but she doesn't understand me like u, u 2 have no heartful kind calm patients to connect the dots right how I was helping her like how I said that I keep having u to look at my latest comments last year to hide the previous 1's of the reasons!

And last to this stranger unpleasant comment Untitled2 by Kottylingual  I am not the bully here and Kottylingual is my main account, I don't have any other accounts at all and u and others shall soon be stop calling me spammer and stop thinking I was a greedy requester, I had enough requests, already so stop leaving dumb journals of me talking about me still getting more requests and the answer is no!
I had a friend areamazing is right now doing his own Sparky & Ai art, but I am taking a break from that until 1 day maybe next year like I said 2017 is over of only Sparky & Ai pictures when I only had other girls and Stitch in it this year with the pair!
So stop complaining I still do Sparky & Ai requests, it is done now and those journals u just made shall not exist in the way the 1st place and never been no other accounts, I have none so that's that!
Period, that's all I am trying to say, good luck understanding me, I only do Sparky and Ai, but not other like cutesy Chinese cartoons I do not do with that Ka-username person, I had nothing to do with that, never did!

And for the last time, please remove the journal and just move on mate?!
Look :icondanielnewton: that is a shame what u thought of ME a year ago was that was very rude to say I am impatient, i was just some reminder person wanting a really soon reply, but it is hard on me to wait long, but why r u not respecting me for how poorly I waited was difficult, why u do not say sorry for late delay is the right thing and saying these offensive words like calling me heartless, not respectful or whatever like spamming or harassing u, i just give out what i remember, what's thda big idea spreading this disgusting rumor and calling me these very offensive names, that's naughtily insane?? How u feel if i do this to ya??

And calling me freighting, that is utterly stupid, how could some1 call me like this, how rude?!

I've never seen this before, how could people do that to me online, this is utterly bullsht that is so offensive to call me disgusting AND THAT VERY BAD, HOW COULD U CALL ME I WAS BULLING, I'VE NEVER BULLY ANYBODY HERE, NOT EVEN IN REAL LIFE, WHAT A LIE TO CALL ME THAT!!!
ALERT!!! Beware of this Spammer!!!All Lilo & Stitch, Stitch! Anime and Stitch & Ai fans must read this journal immediately because we have a spammer in the fandom called Kottylingual. 
Now before we get into any detail about her, for those of you who don`t already know, there is now a new Lilo & Stitch spinoff series titled Stitch & Ai. In this series, taking place before Stitch! Anime, Stitch is separated from Lilo just as he is in the anime, except that now he gets abducted by Space Pirates whom he narrowly escapes from in the first episode and meets up with a Chinese girl named Ai. I`ve watched all 13 of its current episodes in English and I really enjoyed it and I will hopefully post my full review on it soon.
OK, now as we go back to talking about Kottylingual, she claims to have autism and she might seem nice at first but then she gets demanding and forceful when she seriously wants us to do something for her.

anyways for what they say, Marget M is a friend on utube and i do not know about Kaw or hop something as i do not know or remember them anymore, so put that rumor down, people should respect what i went through what i asked, i do not know why, i was not here to do like this like these r not the things i ever heard when i was around people in real life, never happened to me in real life, why r everybody do this here on DA why, i need that mess gone?!
people r not believing me that i was just only hav fun talkin' to people here, but they r nt being very nice, whats wrong wit u peepz??


remeber i have not ask anymore of the sparky & ai requests, why r u guys thinking i was still doing it, it's been over, already, delete ur unfaithful journal so i could just have peace please stop that?!
i'm lazy to fix the words, bcus i'm rushing to write his so if u delete this ALERT!!! Beware of this Spammer!!!All Lilo & Stitch, Stitch! Anime and Stitch & Ai fans must read this journal immediately because we have a spammer in the fandom called Kottylingual. 
Now before we get into any detail about her, for those of you who don`t already know, there is now a new Lilo & Stitch spinoff series titled Stitch & Ai. In this series, taking place before Stitch! Anime, Stitch is separated from Lilo just as he is in the anime, except that now he gets abducted by Space Pirates whom he narrowly escapes from in the first episode and meets up with a Chinese girl named Ai. I`ve watched all 13 of its current episodes in English and I really enjoyed it and I will hopefully post my full review on it soon.
OK, now as we go back to talking about Kottylingual, she claims to have autism and she might seem nice at first but then she gets demanding and forceful when she seriously wants us to do something for her.
 then i'll delete mine too!!
this is my 1st alert journal!
somebody should stop that, then why did that Chinese Lilo & Stitch spin-off existed then i would of not made that idea of Sparky & Ai spread news thingy!?

Edit: Oh, I am looking forward for a 1 anniversary of Sparky & Ai and u guys r ruining my day!!
Edit: Chill relax and do not leave ur inappropriate journal against me, that is utterly overreacting!
Feb, 27 2017
I tried uploading a .gif image, but it won't allow shamefully, instead u'll see it with the sound on utube, Sparky & Ai fans.
Note: The video is uploaded by my youtuber friend.
Obxiexiedo is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese thank u, so when u say ur welcome in mix Chinese and Portuguese, u say either não bù de kèqì or bù há kèqì quê u choose.

I know there r 2+ will not understand these.

To all these 12 :iconaugustelos:, :iconisisani:, :iconpimbarabbit:, :iconbrigadiierr:, :iconsofalart:, :iconjackellen:, :iconaleatorry:, :iconkingpendragon:, :iconeduardosonicx:, :iconaru-j:, :iconcicytezuka: and :iconneko-y: who r nice who do me different kinds of Sparky & Ai arts the requests to see them in the same amount how lots of people did art of Liio & Stitch, but not that many Sparky & Ai arts, there r over hundreds of Lilo & Stitch arts on DA, already so there r only over 21-22 Sparky and Ai pictures as I said I still hope there will be a Sparky & Ai artwork boom on DA this year when this show came out last March of this year 2017, but I thought there will be hundreds, but it did not happen in the same way as the amount of arts of Lilo & Stitch this 2017 year.

For those 2+ I never say a mix Chinese-Portuguese greet words to them like :iconweirdpuffyperson: and :iconheartsissopure: so this 1 :iconiconsimplydrawing: is from Spain so I have said in mixed Spanish-Chinese ni hola ma, heehee.

Many of u may not know that the Chinese spin-off Lilo & Stitch show had Stitch which I wonder the reason they did not add Sparky instead of Stitch so I just want to see a lot of art of Sparky & Ai more then Stitch & Ai art to happen so that is how it started, I hope on utube too.

Because Stitch never match the Chinese setting as Sparky should of been the 1, bcus he does not do like destroying cities in a mainland, he is better to be on an island, but Sparky would be ok on a mainland in China to meet a Chinese girl Ai, Sparky be perfect to be Ai's 1st alien experiment friend, bcus he looks like a Chinese dragon rather then Stitch.

Sadly 2017 is gone now so I did not get a chance to feel like finishing that New Year or a Chinese New Year picture of Sparky, Ai, Gigi and this Portuguese rooster that was from Macau that it was originate from Portuguese, it's that there r mix Portuguese and Chinese called the Macanese people like the Chinese living in Brazil.

I found out the costume that matches Sparky's fur is the Chinese monkey king costume named Sun Wukong that came out that he carries a weapon stick, I just found out that lantern stick was the pearl for the dragon dance to make the Chinese dragon to look like it was trying to catch it and at 1st I thought it was some pole for the dragon I found out after calling it lantern stick and I tried finding a Chinese name for it, but I found they say the Chinese dragon chasing the pearl so now I just did Sparky wearing a monkey king costume to pretend to be a dragon to chase the pearl, but I think it did not match with the costume on, bcus the costume is the monekey's as in the beginning I thought it was a worrier costume, just like the lantern stick is the pearl, but I still think Ai's outfit is the qipao still on my own art I try to do for the New Years Eve which I find it hard to finish.

So I guess that's it, times running out that it still say 2017 here on DA's pacific time zone is soon gonna be the new year.