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Kottylingual Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
It is also missing this Sparky and Ai by simplydrawing  here in my favorites, bcus the user rudely blocked me with no reason after I tried receiving him a reply for the entire fall he hasn't still unblock me back on November after I found out, as he is the 1st to do me that and is the 1st to have been favorited by me, I was offended for what he did after he was being nice to do me a request and all of a sudden he blocked me which is disrespectful of him when I haven't received any answers to my questions from back in the summer, I wish he unblock me so I could have it back to my favorites here like I can't believe my submissions r in his favorites, but not my request to have here in my favorites by him, it's so not nice he did that to me and he never even politely apologize for the late delay, I just wish I have it back my request to my faves when he unblocks me, it's gross to block me like that!
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