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The 1st Sparky and Ai drawing that was once on DA by Kottylingual The 1st Sparky and Ai drawing that was once on DA by Kottylingual
Before it was gone, this is the first art by someone that's never drawn from me that I asked for to draw it for the Sparky fans and soon Ai fans who she supposed to finish the rest too, but then she turn down on the path on me and didn't believe me, so here's the story on why this was taken down and I cannot forget what she did to that day.

There is this user called spiritumiracle and she didn't get along with me, all she thinks I was rushing her, because she was all, because she was angry or stressed I was unaware of as I thought she didn't really mind as I tried asking her she can submit it unfinished so she'll still finish it later and replace her newest drawing over the unfinished drawing by change main file just like you do that when you missed something on a drawing so you can fix it too you know? But she did like 9 drawings of Sparky with Ai and the colored backgrounds with Chinese dragons and experiment dragons in them too each with Sparky flying with them even one Ai is riding on Sparky's back and I was trying to help her to not missed any errors the details which thinks I was nit-picking instead of being minded to fix them as I thought she will go each time like oops, I forgot so I got to fix it, so I was not rushing her or stress her, I don't know why she's like that. I know she wants to do that for fun, but never knew very well she went through how I never thought she would went through instead as a happy minded person and turns out to be an angry stressed person, but I had a bad experience with this person she blocked me and deleted those drawings she did I asked her to draw these for the fans of Sparky and the soon to be Ai Ling fans, but not for me only and she called them stupid was, because all she thinks I did that which I wasn't meant to do that, it was heartbreaking and the ridiculous thing she did to those pictures, it's not fair she scrapped them by taking them down from her stash twice she did and delete them in her recycling bin as now she doesn't care and call her pictures stupid and said she lost interests on them, it's not fair, I even tried to explain to her friends that I was not really rushing her or stressing or nit-picking her, I was trying to help her which didn't turn out to be blocked and her friends block me too. It was the foolish, pathetic thing they ever done to me, it isn't fair and have no class and calling me a troll which really furious me very much and devastated at the same time like why are they behaving like this to me badly and treat me badly what I do to her they think I never meant to do as it bugs me she has the drawings of her experiment dragons and not Sparky and Ai as well together with them never been ready all 9 of them submitted a long time ago with her own ideas drawn pictures from the same newest spin-off as I gave her the idea to draw Ai with Sparky and agreed me at first they perfectly fit and I really missed that wonderful plan it should happened so much, what you think of my horrible experience, that user wasn't being very nice what I never meant to go her through, I thought she had patients and then it turns out she have no patients at all whatsoever when I try to only help her to ask to fix the missing details and submit pictures on special days as she supposed to do twice, already last month, well three times, but I'm still sad it didn't happened and very sad the plan to show all the pictures for the fans is cut short, can you believe it?

The only thing I wasn't bothered is the way she draw Sparky's head, cus she told me it's hard to draw Sparky's head and I didn't mind that and she can't draw humans well which I was fine with that too only, but the way she drew Ai here is fine.

There were great wonderful other pictures you supposed to see if she never turn to that awful path on me, you all would see her pictures as today and there was one last picture she supposed to draw Sparky eating his favourite food like noodles or that Chinese dumplings with it, but it didn't happened, cus she didn't have it in the stash as she was busy doing the backgrounds to the pictures at the time I thought it was happening as I was looking forward for, this happens like on 15/5/2017, it was a terrible moment I ever have, if you want to help me to get her to understand that I am not the person she thinks I am, I was just helping her, she should not be angry or being stressed, she should be kin and kind patient with me that there's stuff she missed to draw and like telling her to fix something to match the rest, all I try to be nice and help her even she did not understand when I tried asking her about Chinese people living in her area if she could find any and translate her the Stitch and Ai from Mandarin to English and all she thinks I was asking her where she lives instead what a terrible misunderstanding she have with me, but that was only to ask her to find somebody Chinese to help her to translate Mandarin to English for crying out loud same thing I thought she has some anger issues when I try to help her to fix the details on her precious drawings she took down!

If anybody could help me is I want those pictures to be alive, she should go back on the right path to continue these pictures, again for us to see, she should stop this nonsense what she done to me and the pictures, it doesn't make any sense to me, it should make sense to happen and I will not give up for what she did!
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June 17, 2017
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