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Stitch and Ai is actually Sparky and Ai 1 by Kottylingual Stitch and Ai is actually Sparky and Ai 1 by Kottylingual
Hope everyone here on DA will be hooked up with this perfect setting of the partners, introducing Sparky & Ai that's sooo perfecto!

Okay, Stitch-in-China hater fans this is what the plot supposed to be perfectly like that with Sparky instead of Stitch, Stitch is blah for the China setting and Sparky is the chosen one to be in this show to meet his very own girl a Chinese native living in the setting of China, Stitch, already have 2 girls enough in 2 different spin-offs, Sparky should be the turn, since the popularity in Stitch the Movie, the anime and the series like what the fudge director we don't need Stitch to go to China and there is more to read if you haven't seen this and check out this… one too, so yup Sparky looks like a dragon and he should be perfect for the Chinese audiences to broadcast so ridiculous this kind of idea didn't happened, I just can't believe it, I didn't know this would happened, cus one time I thought like no I don't think they'll make Stitch go to China and seriously why did this have to happen, seriously Sparky should be in the plot to China having adventures with the native Chinese girl Ai Ling not that blue guy, it's annoying they used the blue guy, again to China, how awful!

It's totally unfair Stitch is in a beach less land nothing else there, no palm trees, it's boring like that for Stitch, but Sparky to me is not boring with no beaches and palm trees it's similar like Electrode and Voltorb in the first debut of them where they are not on the beach, they live on a ground land just like Sparky is okay being in a border land China, he don't destroy cities unlike Stitch, you'll see him turn into a giant, but Sparky does not!

Everybody or somebody got to do a petition to ask 
Anhui Xinhua Media and Panimation Hwakai Media to replace Sparky in the place of Stitch by changing that, cus Sparky is absolutely the perfect chosen one for a set place in China, it should of been that way, cus the Chinese kids must be a totally fascination for them to see Sparky works like a Chinese dragon in China meeting his own new other friends the real Chinese and experiment dragons with Ai Ling in his first own adventure!

i tried to finnish this last night(previous day for June 7th), but taking 2 pictures took a along time, it sucks i can't finnish it since 4 am, but it be done soon and later

comments will be open when this is finnished
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June 7, 2017
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