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Sparky and Ai should this be perfect by Kottylingual Sparky and Ai should this be perfect by Kottylingual
P (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) E (Alphabets)     C (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) N Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)  I waited all day for this to get replies of opinions on my description for jeez sakes so now it seems I should get more new comments??
So remember the small short squat light yellow chinese dragonChinese Zodiac: Dragon emote /chihuahuaChinese Zodiac: Dog emote /monkeyChinese Zodiac: Monkey emote -like experimentSparky Experiment 221 Emoticon , that's right, it's Sparky experiment 221 with a new girl Ai Ling!?

Yeah, that Sparky should win for a petition by fans to ask the studios Anhui Xinhua Media and Panimation Hwakai Media so that Sparky should of been the perfect one for a Chinese girl in this entirely new spin-off, it needs a perfect suite as it's a perfect setting for Sparky to land to China and meet his very own human friend as well matching the culture together of two perfect Sparky & Ai partners of Chinese icon looks, but I hate seeing Stitch wearing Chinese outfits, Sparky should be the one and Stitch have an awful way too deep voice in the English trailor as Sparky's the chosen one for a Chinese show, not the same ol' blue guy over, again as how I want Sparky was, since I like him from Stitch: The Movie, it should be Sparky's own show now!

So according to wikipedia it said "Despite his surface destructiveness, which does not go away even after he has become "good", Stitch is a complex character; according to his creator Jumba, Stitch as a destructive machine was not given a higher purpose in life. Since Stitch is trapped on an island where there are relatively few things to destroy, he has many occasions to reflect on other occupations than evil." so yeah, Stitch is better to be only on the island of Hawaii or Okinawa so why China?0_o  I just always believed Stitch is never gonna land in China as I hated that and it ruined my childhood that it did happened, that's ridiculous as I hate the idea of Stitch going to China, I want the real fact for Sparky as the main character to the new girl for China to land on!Luffy Anime Emoji (Disappointed) [V3]  After Stitch there is Angel and some fans wished Angel appear more often in the original, but in the anime a lot, but I see Stitch and Angel as a same opposite to Tarzan and Jane and I don't get it like Tarzan found someone that was just like him, Jane and then finally Stitch found someone that look like him too, Angel, I use to like Stitch only and then love both now:lovely: , but I am tired of only Stitch on all the episodes:drained: , why isn't just both of them appear same way as Tarzan , not fair Angel didn't become a new title character as Jane did as how Stitch to Tarzan:hmm:  not even Stitch to have a break from not being in 1 episode as how in Dexter's Laboratory that there was one episode that Dexterla-dexter  never appear in if you know where Mandarkla-mandark  tries to win DeeDeela-deedee  in a beach for the help of that tiki, I was hoping for an anime special titled Stitch & Angel just like there is a Disney Tarzan and Jane special after the series called just TarzanThis is exactly what it looks  so when I found the title said Stitch & Ai like I thought it was concentrating on Stitch's love interests on Angel as ai means love:ooh:  so unfortunately notFreaked , but I hope the anime one continues! China is a land not an island for StitchNo, I disagree!  and this idea pop up for SparkyIdea , so after Stitch was popular then it is Sparky from Stitch the movie so why can't this be for Sparky instead to meet a Chinese girlRevamp - :confused: , Sparky matches for Ai, cus he doesn't destroy if he is on land, he looks like a dragon as he'll meet the Chinese dragons matching the Chinese cultureNod , but a gecko or lizard look too! Stitch doesn't need an alternative 3rd human girl at all as it doesn't make sense for Stitch:frustrated: 'Revamp' , we, already see in the last episode Stitch is still trying to destroy a city in China when he grew into some giant with red eyes!OMG  I'm okay Stitch only have Lilo or Yuna is enough, but Angel should be around them too, both Yuna and Lilo's names and the word island all have 2 syllables both wear red as both wear sandals while Ai's name and the land both have 1 syllables and she wears pink as she only wear sneakers/running shoes instead of sandals unlike Yuna/Lilo as we'll never gonna see Ai's bear feet and toes unlike Yuna and Lilo we always seen.Yup emotion  So yeah, Sparky have 2 syllables in his name, Sparky's 2 syllabled name is opposite to Lilo's name and Ai's 1 syllable name is an opposite to Stitch's name, but it's supposed to be a show for Sparky's turn if they, already done a Stitch and Angel series as I'm fed up of Stitch being separated a lot to Angel:frustrated: -revamp , since Leroy and Stitch that I dunno where the hail is Angel in the beginning:confused: , Stitch should always be together with Angel in the anime as Tarzan and Jane, no more only Stitch just both Stitch and Angel now a daysfurious wave , should be Sparky's turn to land in China is the perfect choice for this experimentWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) , that's enough of 626 only so we need other experiments of other numbers of experiments's popularity to have 624 with 626!:bonklers:  Now for this series should have 221 for this Chinese little chick girl of this spin-offyay , we don't need only more 626 keep on continuingTongue , we need other experiments turn:excited: revamp... again. , it's their turn now as Sparky just like Pokémon cards!This is exactly what it looks 

It be interesting if Stitch lands to Australia in Tasmania a big island of Australia, cus he matches the Australian animal icon a koala, because he has a Koala look with rabbit ears, but I guess Tasmania is way to big for Stitch.

Just like this for example about name and word differences.
Li - lo 2 syllables
Yu - na 2 syllables
Is - land 2 syllables
Sandals we always see Yuna and Lilo wear as both have red theme colours
Both girls only belong for Angel and Stitch forever in islands only!

Ai 1 syllable like land is in 1 syllable
Sneakers/running shoes she wear instead of sandals
Her theme colour is pink instead of red, but her pants and shoes are
So remember all the fact differences on this too.
Hey, this girl is for Sparky now only to belong for a suitable reasons to the culture of China a big land country where good fortune luck dragons live in for Sparky to meet them with Ai!
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April 17, 2017
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