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Sparky 221 is a perfect fit for China after all by Kottylingual Sparky 221 is a perfect fit for China after all by Kottylingual
If you have previously seen this… and read my description there, already and if you didn't go read it for why I thought this is unnecessary for Stitch being in China, please?

I bet this is supposed to be popular for Chinese audiences in China who, already all currently watched it last March when it came out in Mandarin Chinese on the 27th and end with 17 episodes, so yeah, Sparky & Ai must be the populous one for Chinese kids, becus they must of knew Sparky looks like a part Chinese dragon for matching the setting of their homeland China like in their favourite TV show now and Ai Ling they know she's Chinese like them to meet a Chinese dragon-like experiment.

After you seen the other picture and read the description, this is how you see Stitch shouldn't exist being in China to turn into a monster alien giant experiment in this new show, Sparky should exist to be in China in this new spin-off show, as it seems he doesn't destroy any cities there!

I wish for it to be in 2019 Sparky & Ai to appear produced by the 2 Chinese studios while next year should there be a Stitch and Angel anime show for a 10th anniversary of the anime, we need Sparky's show!
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May 27, 2017
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