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Korean thinks of a Koreatown in Brazil, bcus.. by Kottylingual Korean thinks of a Koreatown in Brazil, bcus.. by Kottylingual
Annyeoinghaseyo, Koreans and Korean Brazilians this aeni girl is dreaming Liberdade as a Koreatown, becus you know the 2 little blue balls there that was cut from the Brazil and Korea flags beside her dream cloud matches, that's how she dreams Liberdade's Chinatown was like a Koreatown with 2 different sizes of the Hongsalmun the Korean arch gate in the entrance where the Paifang the Chinese arch gate is in real life and the little 1 too as the big 1, but she did not know there was Bom Retiro where it has become hopefully a little Seoul Korean oriental feel of Koreatown with their own Hongsalmun soon for their own town entrance just like the Beijing or Shanghai feel of Liberdade, Chinatown.
So she was just at Liberdade, Sao Paulo where Chinese and as well Koreans live there too together, but must be more Chinese there while Bom Retiro may have more Koreans then Chinese.
And about the blue balls as you see 2 mixed Korea and Brazil flags matches with the same blue colored ball discs and white too like the stars of Brazil and the background of Korea of the flags as well the iconic red pole-Chinese lantern streetlights matches the Hongsalmun in her imagination when she dreams while the Paifang too matches in real life where it stands there, you know the match, não é/네?
Korea and Brazil both have strong massive ties, there is now the famous carnival in Korea each year in the summer after there were Koreans if Brazil sign the treaty for Korean immigration in the late 1900s to arrive 1st to Brazil just as after the Chinese arrive in Brazil in 1812 after they ban the Italian immigration so now they have so many Koreans in Brazil as of today and Koreans are happy to have the Korea flag and the Brazil flag resemblances with the blue discs and white colors on both flags as the lucky chosen 1's equally!
Even the Portuguese arrived to Korea in 1544 after China in 1513 instead.
This little aeni girl is from this scene so I do not know the name of her sadly, bcus there r no subtitles there and I cannot speak Korean and same with Portuguese.
So the massive close ties of Korea and Brazil r the equal largest in the world 1's outside Korea and lots of Brazilians lives in Korea too now.
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December 17, 2017
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