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For Stitch-in-China haters or Ai haters only by Kottylingual For Stitch-in-China haters or Ai haters only by Kottylingual
Since this… and this art u say here now is a separation from this… so I'd like to show it separate too.

As like it said there...
For u Stitch go to China haters, well I think u eventually would love the idea of Sparky gone to China to be with Ai to spend instead this is perfect for Wang Ai Ling to go with Sparky while Stitch should never be in China, Hawaii is his only home and Okinawa is his 2nd home, not China before the events of Okinawa, Sparky should be there before that, inspired by this joke… so not mine won't have Ai any blood, nuh-huh, but ouch there that poor yuna and now Ai isn't bloody at all.
I think u'll still love Ai if she's with Sparky.

The picture is how would episode 2 have ended when Jumba and Pleakly came, but Lilo quickly got out to get Stitch rather then Jumba and Pleakly capture him in a container, so Sparky is also spying in a ship, because I'm thinking Sparky would think he wants to go to China so when he got there, he finds the Chinese spiritual local girl interesting, but do think Stitch has to be with Lilo, again, becus Lilo misses Stitch.
I wonder if :iconlittletiger488: would like that idea too, bcus I saw a comment of a deviant curious how she thinks of Ai taking the show from Lilo too like how she hates yuna.

I have tried asking her, but I got no respond about it.
I hope she hates seeing Stitch taken away from Lilo, again and likes Sparky & Ai better, I think that be sweetly awesome.
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March 31
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