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Brazil's qiphan garota samba lil' Chinesa Gal Ai by Kottylingual Brazil's qiphan garota samba lil' Chinesa Gal Ai by Kottylingual
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 AFTER SEEING THE PICTURE ND READ MY DESCRIPTION SO, PLEASE COMMENT IN THE SECTION BELOW? </strike> Edit: Turns out I had the doubled page on all the time and found out it exists so I copied to restore these letters, again.

Ni oi ma, Chinese culture lover Brazilians and non-Brazilians of Portuguese or others or maybe Chinese descent Brazilians too, these r pictures of An Ling pronounced in Mandarin from a recent brand new Lilo & Stitch Chinese spin-off that came out just 7 months ago on March 17th
, 2017 in China. This is Ai Ling in a Chinese unofficial outfit with a Brazilian Chinese phoenix or fenghuang outfit of the official wings as that fenghuang's wings is from the Chinese spin-off appeared in 2 episodes only copied for her costume, the top had the fenghuang's official crest the golden yellow 1 so the rest the puff poof light yellow feathers is unofficial as the outfit, the 4 aqua pearls she's wearing attach on her garota feather hat is based on her official hair accessory she always wear which it had 2 only in same aqua colors and yeah as her giphan outfit is based on her regular outfit for having same colors as well, but wears her black Chinese/Brazilian little girl version of high heel shoes. Ai Ling is standing in different places of Liberdade that Chinese lives in that district in that Chinatown for An Ling(her Chinese name) and also standing beside 2 Chinese restaurants in Latina's only Portuguese country while Spanish 1's have Chinatowns too, standing at 2 different size versions of the Chinese arch the Paifang, standing in a Vista Chinesa in Rio de Janeiro, world's populous city shown in media of cartoons and too bad Brasilia isn't the 1 to show the correct capital, since Rio isn't, unlike Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Moscow shows the correct cities r the capital 1's, the 1's An Ling is flying over the water near the mountains of Guilin in China and another over the water near the Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil as u see these mountains matched perfectly the resemblance and more as u read farther.
Still got to finish color her as her wings are almost done colored and now it's colored.
It's a mix between 2 types of Chinese outfits she wears a qipao and a hanfu called a qiphan fused together that she's wearing instead of just the stupid all skin body she don't wear unlike Brazilians who dances in the samba parade so she wears to cover only so qiphan is a mix word of the 2 types of Chinese outfits, qipao is a short sleeved and short skirt Chinese outfit and hanfu is a Chinese robe outfit just like ni hao ma Chinese and oi Portuguese r fused together too into ni oi ma.
 This will replaced over the complete finished image soon. 
The idea was from here… and there are comments I read that there is a Brazilian of Chinese descent love someone's idea who wrote the question of the story, I hope a Brazilian cartoon will happened to be made in Brazil in the future by a soon to be Chinese-Brazilian animator so I made Ai looking like this it makes me think of when I read the whole question of this matched story and come back read the description in complete details coming soon I want to write more to be continued later, please so I thought of Ai and she must be a great fit to this, although it's property of the Chinese company and directed by a non-Chinese that Ai Ling I wish for her to be a partner with Sparky, so I thought Ai Ling didn't wear any Chinese outfits until I decide to mix with the qipao and hanfu into a giphan made from the colors of her regular main show outfit and then later I found out she did wear this red and yellow Chinese qipao outfit, but not the hanfu at all, there was another she was wearing like a blue hat and some Portuguese European like Chinese red and blue outfit so the red and yellow qipao should of been this design, but I missed it so I'll keep it like that so I'm thinking I'd make another version with the original Chinese outfit she'd wear and I'd also draw her meet Mulan in Brazil in a crossover.
Here's more on why on this idea I think that's how this is from is maybe all from this.

Isn't that cute the fusion of Chinese and Portuguese hello or hi words ni hao ma or oi mixed together called ni oi ma?
Also do you know something similar between Chinese and Brazilian icon culture identities?
If you don't know here how it's similar.
Also are you ever interested in the Chinese culture, but you know Brazil and China have similar resemblances, you know that these facts so here they are what I mean, you notice all that, before?
The Portuguese came to Brazil the first Europeans as well as the Chinese came to Brazil the first East Asians both arrive to Brazil.
When I first heard Portuguese by someone I use to see, it came in my mind that Portuguese sounds like in Chinese it reminded me, cus both they have "ese", I thought Portuguese was the only European language to have it while the Asian languages lots have it like Taiwanese, Balinese, Sundanese, Shanghainese, Surinamese, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Javanese then found out there is another European language Maltese with "ese" but all Asian languages have "nese" while the European languages have "guese" and "tese", seems Maltese and Portuguese are the only European languages to have "ese".
Both China and Brazil countries in the same sizes… so now you have looked at these.
Even though China had a Portuguese colony, but I'm sure Brazil must of have a Chinese colony too.
But, because of what happened funny facts that way is both flags have same one color matching on the first two flags you'll see… a gold rhombus transforms into golden yellow stars from the yellow diamond shape and as you see another set of 2 flags showing them both have stars switched, but not same colors, though.
China and Brazil flags make them look like in Christmas colors, but unlike Brazil, China doesn't traditionally celebrate Christmas, but now they do.
And look at the mountains between in China and Brazil… they look almost the same as if people could mistaken that the Guilin mountains was in Rio de Janeiro or mistaken Sugarloaf mountain was in Li River rarely I believe and that's what u, already have seen in An Ling drawings in those backgrounds.
Last 1 is that the Chinese has the mythology of huge beautiful birds in stories are similar to that of Brazilian dancers with stylized as dancing human birds called the garotas that they dance in the samba parade, very similar between the fenghuangs and parrots, because of the idea of feathers.
There are Brazilian and Chinese differences of headdresses too, here is the Brazilian 1… and here is the Chinese 1… similar are they that both have like pom-poms and feathers sometimes that don't have feathers and tiny gemstones sometimes too, right?
So do you realized all that, before, if you didn't know, what do you think on all of the 7 facts I wrote and show you links of them?
Well, since I wasn't in time to finish it back in June 2017, bcus of fear of leaving mistakes like I had to select the outlines to put the multiply colors in until I found an idea was that if I use pencil instead that paint brush tool, I could easily pixelize the outlines quickly by going filter, blur to pixelize so I would just fulfill them with a bucket instead of selecting and coloring so I'd be doing that quick idea to a crossover picture of An Ling and Mulan somewhere this month I'd be doing it next.
Also when I tried to make the real pictures into like an animation by making it into like watercolor look, but it's still not enough that it looks similar to like in the cartoon Brandy & Mr. Whiskers sometimes show pictures in real life photos strangely on the 2 main characters that is how I failed not have the real life pictures don't look animation enough that it still looks more real a bit, but still a little watercolor look and the outlines has some tiny white there that it made it look like I cut it from paper, but it is 100% digital and u may not see it as it's so small, but when u zoom twice in, u'll see them like grey on the outlines r the tiny whites there.
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