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Anti Stitch and Ai and For Sparky and Ai by Kottylingual Anti Stitch and Ai and For Sparky and Ai by Kottylingual
About Anti-Stitch & Ai:
If ur against Stitch being replaced by that Chinese girl chick if anybody call her that just like the other girl Youna u all call her the girl chick so ur free to give me ur opinion after u did seen the last episode is that Stitch did not return to Lilo just still being with that Chinese girl chick if u guys think so unlike the previous spin-off the ohana in the Chinese dub is never heard on this Chinese spin-off break Stitch's ohana?

About For Sparky & Ai:
On another hand feel free admiring that Sparky would be a perfect fit for the Chinese setting to have his own human partner the Chinese girl if she were the 1st to be a friends with an alien experiment to Sparky that plays like the Chinese dragon how Sparky resembles in this Lilo & Stitch Chinese spin-off and the Chinese girl Ai is that way u will never call her the Chinese chick, u'll still call her Ai if Sparky have his own show to be in China so Sparky will never be called a dog as I believe Ai and her sister will call him the little Chinese dragon pet and still stupid to put Stitch in China, Stitch doesn't have to have 2nd replacement to another girl, he don't need to go meet a Chinese girl in China or the mainland that isn't good for him to turn into a monstrous giant as well he should never be called a dog, so ridiculous, Sparky is the 1 need to meet the Chinese girl Ai in the 1st place and looks ok for him being in the mainland, Stitch belongs to only 2 different islands so Sparky is a good main thing to be in the mainland China, agree?

Somebody got to do this sort of thing… to tell them make a Sparky & Ai show and banned Stitch & Ai, ur with me?!
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February 4
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