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An Ling Sees Brazil As A Resemblance To China by Kottylingual An Ling Sees Brazil As A Resemblance To China by Kottylingual
An is a Chinese pronunciation of Ai, but Ling is the same in Chinese dub so that's the reason I said on the previous 1. An ling surrounded with the strong Chinese presence in Brazil showing the mix, the crossed and everything what presents on the China and Brazil flags and An Ling is very proud to be a part of the Brazilian culture with the Chinese culture in her 2 homes.

She is proud to have her people living in Brazil for 200s of years of the immigration, that's how she sees Brazil and China flags has same yellow colors and both flags have stars in them.

A neat red and green Paifang stop sign in the Liberdade Chinatown street that I didn't get to put in the Brazil's qiphan garota samba lil' Chinesa Gal Ai, but it also matches the flags, bcus the green Paifang symbol light match to the Brazil flag and the red Paifang symbol light too match to the China flag, great common colors I think it's how u say is just like both flags r same colors of yellow, also it's great to see Chinese resides as Brazilians doing some celebration to the Chinese immigration after a boat of Chinese people arrive to Brazil from China on a stamp probably made in Brazil as it's writtin' in Chinese maybe by a Chinese Brazilian who wrote it so it's cool the Chinese children they show dress in green and yellow of Brazil's colors celebrating a Chinese festival on a hill of Rio de Janeiro with a soccer ball stick behind with a Chinese dragon in Brazil.
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July 29, 2017
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