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Ai Ling as a Chinese-Brazilian Coloring Picture by Kottylingual Ai Ling as a Chinese-Brazilian Coloring Picture by Kottylingual
Edit: Link it back to me in ur own art supply, pleeease??

U deviants look at this for example… that's what ur own comments should look like down below and I don't know why it didn't happened so I say, again when u finish reading this.

Ai Ling from Sparky & Ai I wish the show was called instead, a coloring picture you can print out and color it.
She is the fabuloues girl on DA who is a Chinese wearing a mixed gipao and hanfu Chinese outfits with the feathers of the samba garota Brazilian dancer outfits.
Due to similarities between Brazilian and Chinese culture icons, it made her look perfect to like a Chinese fenghuang girl heroine it is said for having the feathers of the Brazilian samba dancer on my previous work it mentions when u remember.
She was based on that actual official picture here… that she was wearing this coat or jacket instead her shirt and shorts, so the 1 where u see a big picture of her smiling not showing her tongue and inside mouth as her head of her chin was lower a bit down standing straight as putting her arms on her back when her legs r cut half in the scene was from the end of a episode where she was meeting her sister at her home or back in her house which I thought maybe her big sister maybe asking her where have she been it looks to me where An Ling was in that pose I prnt scrn and trace from, but instead I traced the 1 like u see in the link to the official picture.

How about any of u Brazilians link me ur coloring versions of them, bcus I seen Stitch with some1 base for fans to copy the outlines to color and show to link them on the user's artwork a long time ago, I think that be interesting to show me in ur links here down the comments below here on my work here when u color them so feel free to use it, I like it if u show me links of ur coloured versions of this coloring picture.

Again u deviants look at this for example… that's what ur own comments should look down below to show me ur free copied An Ling in ur own any art supplies like in ur pencil crayon version, crayon version, marker version, pastel version, maybe paint or watercolor version or digital too and that's complete how it's all I asked u to do like I showed u how these fans did draw the OC bases to show to the artist their colorings in their links so why not me showing in the similar case to me I want this happen to me too and I didn't understand why that didn't happened to my feel free to use to color this coloring picture and show me links to me, please?
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July 27, 2017
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