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Ai Ling Meets Mulan Fa in Brazil together by Kottylingual Ai Ling Meets Mulan Fa in Brazil together by Kottylingual
So the background is still not so much like a real animated 1, so at 1st I thought I was gonna draw an adult Mulan with Ai up on a pieced together it makes me think of the Guilin and the Sugarloaf mountains they r standing on wearing the garota feather costumes with the Chinese outfits so then I changed my mind when I saw a picture of a child Mulan here… I 1st found with some1 redraw of a fanart Mulan copied from an official 1 as well there is Mulan as a baby… too bad I never saw Ai as a baby in the Chinese spin-off cartoon and I thought it's a great fit when they r like same ages together, but this time I did Ai's correct original official Chinese outfit with the same wings and her headdress is a bit changed too and also I made up Mulan's wings and feathers too like An Ling had on the previous 1 based on the colors of her western regular outfits and I cut and paste these cartoon people from the same Chinese show to replace them on the real life people, bcus last time it looks weird that Ai on 1 picture had a few little real life people I didn't get to edit that to have the idea, so I got the cartoon people added over the real life 1's so it looks a little more animated enough.

Mulan Fa meets An Ling in Liberdade the Chinatown in Brazil or Brazil's Chinatown about to soon do a big Brazilian Chinese mix carnival parade and yeah, this time Ai didn't have a tail, becus some had no tails on these bird garota costumes, Mulan and Ai both wearing none mixed Chinese outfits, Ai wearing a qipao and Mulan wears a Hanfu sort of with a western skirt that it's unusual that I never seen any older Chinese girls in Mulan or Mulan II had the western dresses with a hanfu or little Chinese girls too, strange so I hope u Chinese Brazilians and Portuguese(Italians/Germans/Russians) Brazilians enjoy commenting it and favorite it.

An Ling was introducing to Mulan Fa who came from China to Brazil for the 1st time, Ai is more then 1ce she visit Brazil so Ai is introducing Mulan her new friend to learn how to samba dance for the Chinese-Brazilian culture mix community. Also the Chinatown in Brazil has these great dragon statue lamps while some doubled extra Chinese western style matching Paifang lamps don't have dragons.
 Gonna be colored soon. 
oops didn't mean to have that picture here it's bcus i thought i will lose it if gimp crushes, but still works, the real 1 will be done soon 

If u wanna know where is Sparky, he is actually back at his lighthouse in Hawaii, bcus he hates Samba(like Blu 1 time in the Rio film) or very much hated the Portuguese language, bcus he feels only attached to Chinese, English and Hawaiian like his alien original language or he doesn't feel Chinese for not being a real Chinese dragon, bcus he knows he is not as he'll think the Brazilians will keep on saying he didn't look like a dragon, just only Chinese back in China thinks and called him a little dragon, so yeah Ai is with Mulan in a Chinese mixed Brazilian community in Brazil and they speak in Chinese mixed Portuguese, but don't worry Sparky will be back with Ai when she returns to China, unlike Sparky Ai loves the bossa nova(Brazilian Portuguese music) mixed pipo or erhu(Chinese music) of songs in both every single song Chinese-Portuguese r sang, lots of Chinese living in Brazil.
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November 17, 2017
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