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'The Hobbit' fanart: Dis



To my pleasant surprise a quick sketch (abused with the smudge tool) has been fairly popular on tumblr (which is where I'd most likely post fanart) so I thought people here might like it too. :dummy:


For those with some reading still to do, Thorin Oakenshield has both a brother and a sister; his brother Frerin died at a young age at the Battle of Azanulbizar, but his sister Dís features as the mother of Fíli and Kíli (and she wasn’t at all happy about Thorin taking her sons off dragon hunting.)

In light of Thorin’s movie magnificence and his cutie nephews (this is according to tumblr, may as well not argue :P), I got to wondering how much of a hottie dwarf Dís must be; their mother needs a little credit right? xD

Not that the picture in my head translated at all. :x Welp, I don’t draw humanoids enough.
Having said that though, no reference wahey! :la:

Yes Dwarf ladies have beards.
And of course she’d have magnificent hair to match Thorin's

:star: It's fanart, so I don't mind what you do with it as long as you don't claim it as your own work. And a link back here would be nice. :D :star:
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