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I had no idea how to categorize this. 0.o Does a carousel horse count as an animal or a still life? :XD:

'Neyway, this was an hour's worth doodle, inspired by :iconrainchild18:'s strongly-lit pictures, which are awesome, run along and look. ;)

I basically just wanted to play with stronger lighting effects than I normally use, so I didn't think much of the subject or the background. XD Which is why it's a horse, technically not a fanart, since I'm the most practiced at horses. :D

Tools used: Wacom Tablet, Corel Painter IX
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Excellent pic! :clap: I love Carousel Horses! Wanna draw one but Im just now learning to draw and havnt attempted animals. Do you mind if I look at your pics as reference pics? 
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wow this is great! i love the mood
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Sorry for the late reply! :ohnoes:

Thank you! :D
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There was always something a little creepy about carousels...
Kotorigaro's avatar
Really? At night I can imagine, but I always make a beeline for them whenever I see one! :giggle:
aquafox12's avatar
Yeah, that was me, up until I saw this scary movie about a haunted carousel. After that I've always been a littl hesitant before going on one ._. They are very intriguing though
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Wow this is super pretty
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Ohh wow this is beautiful!
I've started working on your trade, I'm excited to show you it :heart:
Kotorigaro's avatar
Thank you! I've started on yours too! :D
JonathanDeAlwis's avatar
kiki, this is extremely impressive. you know who i am.
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aNameaNameaName's avatar
wow, this is gorgeous, too:wow:!
i think i must watch u, i like your art=D
Dogote's avatar
i think its qualified as an animal even if it is a drawing of a "statue" so to speak.
a carousel is, after all, a representation of a horse :)
Kotorigaro's avatar
Thanks for the clarification! :D
Dogote's avatar
lol! welcome - i have had a similar problem with that too.......
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Very impressive. Love it! Loads of tallent... and apparently I know you too. ;)
Kotorigaro's avatar
Aw, thank you! :hug:
Apparently, you say? :p
kiwislob's avatar
Apparently I did. :P
Raenstrife's avatar
I absolutely love the lighting effect! And the sketchiness of it just works so well; I'm such a huge fan of texture in artwork, and this one has some amazing textures going on.

I'm also a huge kid when it comes to carousels. :XD: There's nothing that beats the simple amusement and the artwork of carousels. :lol:
Kotorigaro's avatar
Thank you so much! :w00t: I'm glad I managed to make this work more interesting- I've been painfully aware that my usual work is rather flat. ^^;
Hee, I'm far too shy to ride on carousels in public, but I'm also a big fan of the designs. :D
Thanks muchly for the fav!
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lovely picture. scary and dark. :)
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