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Ed Elric--Afternoon Snack

By kotoko-chan
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Yeeey. My first CG using TEH new tablet. XD And of course it had to be Ed.

The background really sucks cuz I couldn't think of anything else. ^^;
(AndbecauseIwaslike" crap..Ineedabackground*doesitquickly*)

This is for Selphish on LJ cuz she urged me to draw Ed. ^^;
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Cute! Ed looks very pleased with himself. And the chibi hat and tie kind of own me.... *is relentlessly perusing all FMA art, at the moment*
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Awwww! Ed is cute! YAY for FULL METAL ALCHEMIST! .. *blinks*.. is that a Tim Hortons timbit box? *stalks Ed*
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mumpoHobbyist General Artist
XD So cute! :+fav: *glomps*
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Yay for your tablet! Donuts!!! Gleee! Nice piccy!
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congrats on you're tablet >D~~ (if I already congratulated you,.. uhhhh that's ok, because.. uhh getting a tablet deserves 2 congrats? XD) gwahh, you got used to it so quickly o___o My dad still have trouble with my tablet XD

Ed's expression is SO cute +___+ uwahhh and I love the folds on his right arm XD it looks very nice +__+~~
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hark! I sthat a Tim Hortons donut box???

Aside from the fact that the resemblance killed me laughing its SOOOO CUTE!! Aside from showing me Last Exile when we return to your house you must show me this tablet.
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That is *SO* a Tim Hortons box. XD
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I have good eyes.
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Hey I like his smile :heart:!!
And I want some of his donuts X3 *steals*
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Ed and his donuts! Yaaaaay!
(mia_sailor_nova from LJ)
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WAII! *glomp* so cute!!! donuts.. XD
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*___* *stares* .... IT'S ADORABLE~~! *dies* too cute.. I love it... waaaaa~ *glomps you and Ed* It's just too cute~

I'm trying to get used to using a tablet ^^; And sadly.. whenever I draw Ed.. it looks nothing like him TT__TT *cries* you can draw such cute Ed pics ^^ *envy*
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