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Wildwood Grove

Card to race of the elves board game "Warhammer Invasion", I've painted for the company FFG.

You can read and buy this game here:…
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I love some of the details in this, like the skulls hidden among the rocks.
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Small details very important ;)
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well done!Pencil 
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Thank's dude ! :)
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Wow! This is nice! Love the blue you used..:) (Smile) 
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Thanks :) Create effects - one of the most exciting moments of the work.
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La la la la My pleasure!
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Beautiful, love the sky ad the wispy effects of the blue lights, great job!
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That tree ate my kite. 

Seriously, though, I love that part of it the most. Such a feeling of age and complexity, and as a backdrop for your glowing rune stones, it really works very nicely. :D
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"A dark and twisted section of the forest is cut off from the rest by several standing waystones. 
The waystones glow a soft green with magic power, keeping caged whatever evil lies in the dark forest." 
                                                                                                                                                               (С) FFG
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That's amazing!! I love the glowing spirals on the what I believe is a tree and the way the water flows down the sides near the skull. It's so beautiful, great job!

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Thank you! I tried to show beautiful and gloomy atmosphere of this world :)
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