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May 13, 2012
Quarian fall by ~KoTnoneKoT
Featured by TheCreativeJenn
Suggested by Arichy
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Quarian fall

The history of race is very sad. When you Quarian were the most advanced race in our galaxy, they created the geth - synthetics, which are gradually more and more improved. At some point Gets in recognized himself as a person and refused to shut down. Quarian afraid of this and started to kill the geth, but synthetics rebelled. Many Quarian loved his creation, but they were in the minority, and rapidly lost. Began a protracted war, synthetics and gradually won at some point nearly destroyed the creators, but let them go. They had little experience at that time and did not want to decide the fate of an entire people, a very noble trait for robots - the creators would have to be proud of. But they lied Toli Toli themselves were afraid, they refused to believe in the truth, which led later to the sad events. But that's another story ...
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Old piece, I know, but it's the first I've seen by you. That being said my only gripe with this is how thin she looks.

Otherwise I totally dig this. Has a very beautiful, advanced, and heroic look to her. Not to mention how amazing the colours look!

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Thank you! This is an old art, but I recently reworked it a bit. I can not wait the new Mass Effect Andromeda !
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"*breathes in air* Aaaaahhhh... Yep. I'm going to have a cold tonight."
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Очень сильная работа. Просто слов нет. Не могу на нее насмотреться.
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Building Consensus...That's superfreakingawesometasticiperduperamazing!
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whenever i read the history of the quarians its so rich and vast but saddening it ended too soon.... Just an amazing piece of work.. keelah se'lai~
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Later the creators and their creations can reconcile, so it's not that sad;)
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Ah you know your Quarian history well!! :) still through conflict in the end there is resolve, Quarians such a beautiful species with such rich culture~ ;)
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классный костюмчик. А это она врага так нарезала? (на чем стоит)
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Да нарезанных гетах )
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Мм, тоже наемница?
excelente trabalho de arte
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Wow, this is beautiful- and fanart got a DD! That's great! I can't explain how much I really love all the colors and detail in this...but I don't think I have to ;) Your almost 4,000 faves say it for me!
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Wow this is just breathtaking! Just absolutely stunning work and incredible amount of detail!
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the depth in the picture is wicked, i almost did one of these :iconwoahplz: when i saw all the ships in the background. the design of the woman is awesome and is quite original, i love her hood and the blue stuff coming out of it (is that supposed to be her hair?) and the way her weapon is NOTICEABLY not 100% attached to her arm is crazy! its crazy how u did this whole thing! the color scheme is very well done too XD
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very nice work lol
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the description kind of confused me but the art is really great
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