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Malthael Reaper of Souls

Apdate : 13.03.14 !
 Sorry who added the picture, but I changed it the last day. I adjusted the color, illuminated center of the composition, made ​​contrasting wings and soul.

12.03.14  Finally finished art. This was a difficult two weeks, but they flew as one instant. It was very interesting. I reviewed a lot of cg video and listened  all soundtracks Blizzard. I even started to play the card game HearthStone, very interesting, I advise ;)   

 Drawing process:
 Malthael-Process by KoTnoneKoT  
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Behold, the angel of Death!
Amazing picture :D 
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:JawDrop:  Speechless!!! :JawDrop: 
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I cant help but to be in horrified awe . . 
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Beautiful work. Very well done.  
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Thanks, I'm glad that you liked! ;)
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You're welcome.
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This is amazing!
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очень круто сделал!
Давай, удачи в соревнованиях!
Работа более чем достойная!
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Пасиб ;) Да буду стараться, вроде Dominanсe не за горами :)
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Wow, the concepting and painting in this are so good! At first glance I didn't even notice the souls, thinking they were just part of the rushing wind. I'd love to know if that was intentional. I won't be surprised if this hits the top 3!
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 I really hope that my work will notice. But as far as my experience in Contest, it usually is not.
 Soul: I do not know, I want that they were part of the funnel, which is drawn sickle :) To dynamics was hands and bodies, which formed a single pattern.
this is perfect and terrifying and beautiful and i love it.
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You certainly got the ghostly visual effects down, along with the invisible wings not immediately being apparent is impressive. I personally think this sums up the concept of what reaping spirits is all about, best to you.
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Maybe I'll draw better wings and spirits brighter? I paint for a long time and this picture is bad eye sees errors.
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Darn, it's all over. I know fate's already been seal on this, but I can see the ghosts clear as day, where as, the wings might stand to be illuminated more. If nothing else, it don't hurt to help support your portfolio.
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