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House of Knives

My illustration for Android: Netrunner The Card Game.
House of Knives
Jinteki; Agenda
A Runner’s avatar lies defeated on the steps of a small dais inside a barren room. The Runner’s arm stretched out towards the bonzai tree, the object of its desire, which sits atop the dais. The Runner’s avatar has been gouged and sliced and red data streams out of the cuts. The branches and leaves of the bonsai can be seen to have a misting or dripping red data.…
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Awesome work, thank you :)
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The cards just don't do this art justice. Absolutely beautiful.
Fantastic art! Would it be possible for you to share a bigger resolution version of this?
Did you make a change? In the file details I see Resolution 2000×1809 but I can still only access the 900x814.
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This is just so awesome! Great job!
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One of my favorite pieces of art in the game.  Very powerful.  How you managed to make a bonzai tree seem intimidating is incredible to me.  Great work!
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Cool,  i glad ) Thank's! In fact the story the card I'm not making this up, I just draw it ;)
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was great to finally see this in card form.

fun to play with too!
Indeed, this screams "playmat" :D
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and a wallpaper ;)

It really fits the style of ANR. Amazing artwork for amazing game.
And also somehow touching 

I like it: :)
If you could get this made into a playmat... I would buy it so hard...
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