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I really like this piece, for a few reasons. One of which is the subtle specific amount of color. I need to get back into the art game :O

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i like such technofish )

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Oh my Lord. This might just be one of the best visuals i've ever seen

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So cool. Very nicely done! Luv the details.

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Its very well made. The futuristic look really gives it a distinct coolness. Also I just appreciate how calm and loving the mermaid is towards the carp.

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Cyborg mermaid? Awesome :D

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Being a cyborg doesnt age well! and is a disgusting fetish

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...interesting image.

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I call it The Mermaid With Bionic Arms" or "The Bionic Armed Mermaid."

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When "Magikarp" has a wet dream.

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Hahahha 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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Amazing picture: a mermaid with prosthesis?

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Very large fish, or very small fishgirls?

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This is such an amazing piece!

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cyborg arms, really? thats so weird stop it get some help.

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Uhm, I rlly hope this is sarcasm :/

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I'm just so used to other people saying it to me, its like "oh I'm the freak" ok Cyborg anime mermaid holding a gun.

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I just don’t really think it’s appropriate to so moment that one someone’s work where they worked really hard....

they chose to do what they did and there’s nothin wrong with that, yknow?

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