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What is it?
I feel sort of  different
I could say that I missed it
I might even be lying
But I think it's better than dying
My own world is sweet
And my demons feel beat
I like the cards that I've been dealt
Although at times I feel I could melt
Sometimes I feel old
But I think it makes me bold
That I can overcome the pain
And that I have lots to gain
My inner light is real
And I can't describe how it makes me feel
The only thing I'm worried about
Is that inner feeling of illusion and doubt
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My insides
Deep, deep, in my head
There's a lot of hurt and dread
Where there could be lots of fun
Now there's just that wretched drum
Salvaging the things that I can
Boiling like a fish in a pan
Life isn't what I thought
All I see is one big draught
Protecting what I care about most
But I fear of becoming a ghost
People I see, I cannot hear
All I want them is to disappear
My memory is like tree
It has roots where I cannot see
I'm afraid of what is there
And I'm terrified of feeling bare
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I feel like crying,
And dying,
At the same moment,
As my personal torment.
The ironic fun
Is that I cannot run,
Not from this,
Not even to find my bliss.
There's nothing I can do,
Even though I want to,
And there is no support,
Only the last resort.
So close to the final goodbye,
There's even no answer to the why,
Only that I can take no more
And want to find the exit door.
The only thing keeping me here
Is that one person I hold dear.
That person whom when I hold,
I no longer feel this cold.
If only he wasn't away,
I'd maybe have more reason to stay.
But now I can only rely
To the thought that things will maybe get better, when only a few days go by.
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Magic by kotekara-usuzukiyu Magic :iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 2 9
Like sitting on scrolls
And looking through keyholes
What started with lust
Got overpowered and turned to dust
Just sitting there
And trying to bear
Something between starvation
And sick expectation
If only a solution to this fear
Could finally appear
To make me feel less extreme
And make reality of what used to be daydream
I just can't help but hope
That I'll be able to cope
The feeling of rejection
That will sting like a needle injection
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Elephant - typography by kotekara-usuzukiyu Elephant - typography :iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 2 9 Yorumander for PikaPwnge123 - Secret Santa by kotekara-usuzukiyu Yorumander for PikaPwnge123 - Secret Santa :iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 7 10 Thinker by kotekara-usuzukiyu Thinker :iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 1 11 Swan Lake Poster by kotekara-usuzukiyu Swan Lake Poster :iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 0 0
Far away from all this mess
Long determined to seek my way
There I may find my rest
For no longer can I stay here.
The damage that has been taken
Flipping in the pool of sounds
My reality is changing fast
Like broken water surface
My view tends to be sightless
The important ends up the last
All that matter are the bounds
That leave us broken and forsaken
But the answer starts to appear
and though it may not be the best
It may help me get away
Revealing myself will be a bless.
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Night Walker
In a ground hollow
There is a flying keeper
For him to follow
You must be sweeper
Three hits you get
So visible he can become
The strangest you've ever met
But you'll be most welcome
For someday you wont fall
Your visions will become clear
The strongest of all
The power of will
The saturation of the night
Will fade fast
But your mind will fight
For it not to be in past
:iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 2 0
Forest Tales
In the comfort of the hill
Lies a river
Surprisingly still
Without a shiver
She has many stories to be told
And she waits
As it will unfold
The arrival of soul mates
Whispers are roaming
After a while
They are coming
And they have yet a mile
But they lost their path
And now they wander
Instead of wrath
The river just gets colder
:iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 3 0
The river upon your meet
Opens the night
Oh, how pleasant is the seat
Of cool, spring and might
The dusk will be fantastic
In the place above the sea
The changes it brings are drastic
But your enjoyment they will be
Seeing the violet
And its triangular ring
Will bring your friend Scarlett
And the charming song she'll sing
Between you two is a link
With a bright, glitter coat
It shall not sink
Instead it will float
:iconkotekara-usuzukiyu:kotekara-usuzukiyu 2 0




Artist | Student | Varied
I like... well, the things below...
As a person, I believe I don't fit any particular frames... I mean, I've got friends for 10 years who can still be surprised by my behaviour... I just don't know if it is for the good or bad xD

... I believe that is it for now... When I get inspired, I'll write more.

Current Residence: Zagreb, Croatia
Favourite genre of music: Almost all
Personal Quote: Don't live your life always looking back. There is nothing you can do about it, anyway.

Brain abuse.

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 1:25 PM

So a couple of days ago I started to watch Jersey Shore. I was bored, I didn't think it would do any harm, I wanted to laugh at their stupidity, and I actually felt smarter after it...
But guess what? It's addictive. Very much.
Because today, I ditched a half Japanese-half black guy in boxer shorts that we were supposed to draw to watch DJ Pauly D's hair. Which is hilarious, but still.

I think I might need rehab.

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