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As many of you know I have a Patreon page running. 
Patreon is a great way for me to focus on my personal projects and you still have benefits from it.
I won't stop sharing my art here or on any other social media I have, consider this as a tip jar.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! WHY AM I USING PATREON? Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! 

Some of you know commissions are my only source of income. All the time I spend on commissions is time I cannot spend on other projects.
Many people is asking me to do more tutorials and I'd really like to release more of them and share my knowledge to help other artists, but right now it's hard for me since I have to work on commissions to have money for my expenses.
But with your help I will have more free time I can use for creating tutorials and other cool projects.
That's why I'd like you to consider making a small donation through Patreon, every little amount helps me a lot. Or just sharing my patreon site with your friends, spreading the word is also a good way to help someone ^w^ 

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE IN EXCHANGE? Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! 


I will be offering some extras on my Patreon, like:

- Full Resolution, non watermarked downloads of my work
- Sketches and WIPS of upcoming art
- Fanart polls
- NSFW version of illustrations and some extras (nude, alternate outfits, etc)

I'll probably include some more stuff later on once I get the hang of things, like a new tier with SAI/PSD files, as well as a monthly sketch reward. But for now I'd like to keep things basic.


Thank you everyone and have a lovely day!! ❤️

Join me on my server and let's know each other better!

I finally created a server for us to interact more with each other. It's still a work in progress but we can already talk there.
Be careful though, I don't accept any kind of harassment on my server, and be sure to submit everything to the right channel.
I am looking for Moderators for my Server, if you think you have the guts just send me a DM and we will talk
If you have any kind of problem just speak to me.
Just follow the link and let's have fun!!
I'll be waiting for you there ;)
Update as of: 02/04/2019

5 Slots per session

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! May commissions |  Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! 

How to order, prices? Look the journal below. 
You can send me a note if you have any question.

Slot List

Slot 1. 
Slot 2.
Slot 3.
Slot 4.
Slot 5.

Beloved commissioners | Deviantart

:iconspeedrobo:  :iconswyong-xia:  :icondarthhaze2:  :icondkzakos:  :iconkreuzfahrer125:  :iconprintout7:  :iconthelonewandererof101:  :iconcolette-pikeru:  :icongaijinview:  :iconcrazyjay619:
:iconmelonneko22:  :iconcosmicoffee:

Banner by kotakkun

Hello guys!! Hope you had an amazing week 😉

I am writing this journal to inform you that I have Patreon running up again and ready to function. 
I am asking you to check my page and if you like my works, be my Patron! 

It's really simple, you just need a credit card or Paypal, choose one of my tier rewards and voilá! 😆
Every month incredible rewards are waiting for you.

Interested? You can send me a note if you have any question.
See you all there!!! 

Patreon Icon Support me on Patreon

Last update of: 02/04/2019

  - Original characters
  - Fanart
  - Ecchi (Lingerie, bikini, etc.)

  - Furry
  - Hentai (R-18+++)
  - Mecha
  - Stuff that I consider I can't draw


Note example:

    Subject: Commission
        - Email: Your Paypal email
        - Commission Type: 
        - Characters References: link or if you want to create an original character you must give me specific description of the character.
        - Short Description of character: (< 200 words)
        - Pose reference: link
        - BG Reference: link if you have a specific BG you want
        - Commercial project: Yes (+ 30USD)



        - Working day is about 3 to 7 days, depending on commission type.
        - I'll give you a sketch WIP first, you have to pay before I start lining + coloring (Full Payment).
        - You can change the coloring if there are any mistakes
        - I'll note you when the commission is finished
        - I'll send the original size to your email or via
        - NO DEADLINES, unless is a commercial project.
        - You can upload the commission on Deviantart or your website


*Please take note that due to a critical situation IRL I had to rise my prices. Sorry for the inconveniences.

BUST = 15 USD / 1500 Points 

Mashiro by kotakkun   [Memoria Eden] - Lyria by kotakkun  [COMM2019] - Dragon girl by kotakkun
[COMM2018] - Aless by kotakkun    

Extra character: +8 USD / 800 Points 

THIGH UP = 30 USD / 3000 Points 

Summer breeze by kotakkun     [Summer Pockets] - Sorakado Ao by kotakkun    [Original] - Kiara loves exercise by kotakkun
Ready For Summer by kotakkun     Music by kotakkun     [Fanart] - Levy McGarden by kotakkun

Extra character: +15 USD / 1500 Points 

3/4 - FULL BODY = 50 USD / 5000 Points  

Kiara's little feet by kotakkun    Angewomon by kotakkun    [Azur Lane] - Belfast by kotakkun     [Girls Frontline] - Glock 17 by kotakkun     [Fanart] - Fujiwara Chika by kotakkun      

Extra character: +25 USD / 2500 Points