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Marathon Battle



Ten years before Thermopylae and King Leonidas & his 300's last stand, Xerxis's father, Darious the great invaded Greece...He confronted the Athenian & other Greek allies army under the command of the Athenian general Miltiades at the Marathon area, near the city of Athens.

Even if the Greeks were outnumbered they achieved to win through a unique of it's time tactic that's still teaching at modern military academies.

Spartans came to the battlefield late, when everything was finished...They admired so much Athenians's triumph, that they song their war song for them...At these days that was the greatest honour Spartans can do for another army...Even if they didn't like Athenians...

After this battle an Athenian messenger run directly to Athens to inform about the victory.
He run this distance so fast that when he arrived he sais "we win" and died...For his honour the modern olympic "Marathon run" exists.

P.S. General Miltiades's helmet from this battle still exists at a Greek museum...There's also a big tumb at Marathon with the bones of all fallen Greek warriors.


Hope you like it people, and once again excuse my short history lesson.


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Awesome. And never apologize for teaching history. The more you know, the better.