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Tales of Astoria Application Sheet

The Tales of Astoria Application Sheet. By *Kosumosu and *Youko-MJ

Update: Had to tweak the sheet due to forgetting the change in logo, sorry! DX

Here is a blank version if you want to use it :D [link]

Please include at least a half-body, colored picture of your character for the image of the application. The whole application must be filled out before submitting or your application will have to be rejected for revision.

And please, be reasonable with your characters and keep the information teen rated.

Additional information can include, but is not limited to:

Full Name
Gender (Let's face it, it's hard to tell sometimes)
Body type (is s/he thin, muscular or average?)
Birth Place (in case it's different from "country" ... and it can be.)

Also, sorry about this, should have added this before....

Meanings for all the stuff on the Application Sheet!

Name: The name of your character ^_^
Age: How old your character is
Race: What race your OC is, and if they are a halfling, what races did they originate from
Country: What country your OC is from, and most identifies with
Title: A title your OC may have, self given or one others give them
Quote: A favorite or common thing your OC may say
Class: What field of fighter your OC is, such as thief, mage, or swordsman
Level: What level your OC is at currently, this will change with time ^_^
Element: What element your OC is either the most proficient at or is most tied to
HP: Health Points, their endurance levels
MP: Magic Points, their magical reserves, how long they can cast
EXP: Experience Points, this is gained by doing works in the group, this will change, and is directly linked to levels
P.Attack: Physical Attack, how strong your OC is
P.Defense: Physical Defense, how much of a beating your OC can handle
Dexterity: This encompass a few things, including hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and agility
Luck: Simply put, how lucky they are, how much do the odds shift in their favor
A.Attack: Artes Attack, how powerful your OCs magical or special attacks are
A.Defense: Artes Defense, how well your OC can deal with magical or special attacks
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