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Kooshi the Red Panda!

A little fan-art piece of my friend's Red Panda familiar, Kooshi, from our most recent one-shot D&D campaign!

Some friends and I started another one-shot campaign DM'd by the very creative and eerily imaginative friend, Brenna, this past weekend! This time, our characters have taken to a small village on the outskirts of civilization where more than a few gods may be playing a bigger role in local disappearances than we first thought... holy intrigue! But, with the combined might of a charismatic and highly specialized rogue, the level headedness and keen mind of our traveling practitioner of magic and the combined persuasive power of his adorable Red Panda familiar is there anything that can stop us? I didn't think so. Can it PLEASE be Sunday already? See you all then!

Total Time: 8 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS4, Intuos 4 Pro Tablet.

The Huntress

Character concept for a Beast Master Ranger! Coming from a clan of hunter-gatherers nestled deep in in the far northern mountains, she treads the low underbrush - through rain or snow - creeping and stalking her prey with the aid of her familiar childhood War Raven. Through the passing rays of light piercing the upper trees she is made: first a glint against the eye -- there's no need for stealth now -- the snapping of a twig followed by a sudden twang before the all too familiar sound of carefully sharpened flint piercing skin and crushing bone. Not a sound escapes save for their last breadth and the sound of flapping wings echoing o'er The Valley.

I had an absolute blast working on this piece because for the first time I really started to feel like I was able to spread my attention to small, little details like the war paint on her leather armor. Also tried something a little new with the lighting -- maybe you all can tell me how I did? - I tried to make it look like she was marching through the woods by putting some exaggerated highlights on her hair and face to accent the idea that light was breaking through surrounding trees and upper canopy. On one hand, it feels like it might be a little too noisy, but on the other I think it helps to really make things stand out. Despite not having a background to help clarify that... maybe it worked? haha. Let me know!

And yes; that is war paint on a bird haha.

Total time: ~14 hours
Tools: Intuos Pro Table 4, Photoshop CS6

Dungeons and Dragons - Character Design Sheet 2
Okay. On a bit of a binge recently -- I got a little obsessed with this one but drew up the character design for a half-elf Druid! I have a story in mind, but it isn't fully fleshed out... yet : ) But it certainly has more meat to it than those who have stood in her way! She has a knack for walking with nature, and be it dry leaves or bones her steps make not a sound like her friends who sneak -- wiggling, bitting, and scratching -- into those who would stand in her way back to The Valley. Had a blast with this character design and already obsessing over the next --

Total time: ~10 hours
Tools: CS6, Intuos 4 Pro
Looking around at some of the professional guys on sites like CGHub it has become more and more apparent that practice, consistent and calculated, will be the only way to success. While this sounds obvious to some the full depth and breadth of practice I think is easily misunderstood. It's more than just sitting down and banging out a few sketches each day but assessing weak points in your art and facing them head on with a clear plan of action. In my case there are some areas that need work in particular but for the vast majority drawing as a whole is in need of work and so I have come up with the following commitment; everyday I will post a sketch or sample from my work book book to my 'Scrapbooks' section with the date and target matter in the heading, that subtle promise hopefully serving as a tangible reminder to this code. However, to anyone who should read this down the road I should mention that for the next two weeks I will be displaced from my computer (going about the South of Japan) and so postings will not start until mid April - but from that day the second half of my vow will be fulfilled. Know that all the while I will be sketching away in buses and train terminals, sitting in trees and drawing by flashlight should the need arise.

After working out with a friend of mine for about a month I began to realize that the two, drawing and working out, were quite similar. He told me that everyday you had to switch muscle groups with a two fold purpose; to ensure that each area received due and proper attention and to also ensure that no one group was overstressed or worked out too much, to ensure that the body never 'adapted' (or bored) of the same routine. So, much like he taught me the importance of routine for the body I am writing one out here for the hand;

The 1st Day (Mon): Torso and Upper Body/Head drawings. Emphasis on facial and eye expressions, specific detail in terms of shading and flow of hair should be emphasized.
The 2nd Day (Tue): Full body - emphasis on proportion and detail of clothing/feeling of motion and depth.
The 3rd Day (Wed): Off angle drawings, 45 degrees, body contortions and perspective. Special emphasis on foreshortening.
The 4th Day (Thu): Scenery Studies, emphasis on composition and use of color.
The 5th Day (Fri): Drawing people from behind, backs, back shoulders, backs of legs and feet.
The 6th Day (Sat): Dynamics, motion, fluidity, characters interacting. The primary objective is to instill a sense of motion into drawings.
The 7th Day (Sun): Scenery studies, landscapes, buildings, emphasis on composition and use of color.
The 8th Day (???) Repeat whichever day proved to be the most difficult, emphasis identifying and correcting mistakes through a display of proficiency and understanding of errors.

I'm not sure if something like this would help others, but I think the consistent task and sense of direction gained through assigning specific studies to specific days is what I need to stay on track. "The 8th Day" is meant to make it so that at the end of any 7 days there is an 'off' day so that every 'monday' isn't Torso and Upper Body, but that it is perpetually changing each weak. This helps to avoid monotony~ Anyone who opts to follow a similar schedule just starts at whatever the designated day is and continues in sets of 8 from then on.

In a years time i'll come back and check this post and just see how true I was to what I claimed I cared about.

Never put down your pencil.



Riley A. Suhar
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric
Personal Quote: Existence does not necessitate worth, worth is the conclusion of a valued existence.


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