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Published: April 14, 2020
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I love drawing my own characters, and the characters created by fellow DA artists, but for a change I thought to myself, let's draw a character with a bit of a wider appeal - a character more people will recognise. So after a days sketching, what happens? I think this take on Teela (from the 1987 Masters of the Universe film! Yes, the one with Dolph Lundgren!) is so obscure that it might even be her first appearance on Deviant Art! That tells you so much more about the state of my mind than I'm happy telling you...

Ah the eighties! I wouldnt exactly recommend this film... it's pushing it to call it a guilty pleasure - but once the idea for this picture was in my head I had to finish it!

So... yes... probably not the picture which is going to get me noticed - but here's to Chelsea Field as Teela!
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Branded-CurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, so my eyes didn't deceive me after all. Great work, Kost! :clap:

I actually really liked that movie as a kiddo. But I never was the most hardcore Masters of the Universe fan either.
Had the toys, sure. Watched some of the original cartoon, yes ... but I would never have thrown a tantrum over reinterpretations.

Of course, if you watch THIS movie as a true He-Man fan, you will be like: "Hold up ... waitaminute ... somethin' ain't right!" :XD:
But thus were live-action movies based on cartoons, toys, games, comics, etc in the 80's and 90's ... heck, even early 2000's.

It's the main reason why I can only roll my eyes, everytime I hear someone ripping a modern comic movie apart for not sticking to the source material and being "the worst movie EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".
This is what I grew up watching. We were grateful for what we could get back then :XD:
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That's true. I can see both sides. On the one hand, it would be dumb to expect a movie to directly copy a comic as they're totally different mediums - I think the reason I don't like the X-Men films is because they tried to cram in so much that they didn't treat any of the source material well - stories that developed over years and characters that all had a moment in the spotlight in a comic being crammed together in two hours. On the other hand it does annoy me when a film maker makes so many changes that they lose what was good about a comic in the first place.

I'm like you on the old Masters of the Universe film - I was never a huge fan of the cartoon so I guess I wasn't that disappointed when I saw it had been re-imagined -but I think most of the changes they made make sense. Of course, they were lucky that it was made before the era of the internet! Fanboys moaned to each other in person back then!

Thanks for the kind words on the picture - I'm pretty pleased with this one :)
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Branded-CurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, indeed. I guess with me it's just that, since I grew up in the 80's and 90's, I'm not spoiled :lmao:
We had no Avengers of THAT quality back then.
Movies of your favorite stuff were like parents: You wanted a huge bowl of pudding for lunch and got vegetables. Just eat it! :XD:

The problem I have with whining is the usual: If you overdo it, people in charge will start ignoring you and not see when you actually have a point.
I am always open to some new ideas, but I also dislike when they change things that don't need changing and do it so much, they miss the original idea completely.
However, I don't get mad then. If they miss my taste, I will just not watch it. Why would I?
It's not the end of the world. There will be a next movie, that I might like. Likely very soon, too.
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I'm more worried that people listen to the whining! I hope film studios don't listen too much to the idiots just because thanks to social media they have a platform. But yeah - personally if a film isn't what I want to see I don't go or buy it - not going to lose sleep worrying about it. Thor Ragnarok was a fun film, but a terrible waste of the source material. But I still have the source material to read, it didn't ruin Simonson's Thor run for me.
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Branded-CurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
True story: When I first heard there are actually people, putting together expectations in their own heads for upcoming movies and then are ACTUALLY DISAPPOINTED, if the movie isn't exactly as they imagined in THEIR OWN MIND, I was ready to give up on mankind :XD:

I mean, how can anyone be that stupid? Nobody can look into your mind, so OF COURSE they won't put together YOUR specific idea.
That really baffled me.
This is so not how reality works.
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LOL - in a world where Donald Trump is President and can suggest injecting deturgent kills diseases, we don't need to look too far to find stupid! Luckily these people are not a representative sample of the species (just a sizeable and vocal minority!)
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Branded-CurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, thankfully.

Do you have any idea how often I think to myself: If breathing wasn't reflex movement ...
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Ha! Probably quite a lot :)
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Love it! Instant flash back to that movie.
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LOL - sorry about that!

Thanks for the kind words and the :+fav: - much appreciated :D
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bogmonsterHobbyist General Artist
In the preface to my copy of the New Gods (by Jack Kirby) trade paperback, the writer claims he spoke with the writer of the MOTU movie. The writer claims it is an homage to Jack Kirby's New Gods. I don't exactly see it, but at least that explains why it doesn't resemble the Masters of the universe. 
Wonderful piece. You can make anything shine!
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Yeah I'd heard something like that - doesn't make a lot of sense to me - I suspect that budget cuts limited the choices for the film and afterwards they rationalised it 'No - it wasn't a mess - it was a deliberate homage!' something like that! But maybe I'm being unfair - I haven't watched the film in ages. Many thanks for the kind words and the :+fav: - much appreciated!
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Good drawing of Teela! It makes her look slightly "futuristic" -- almost like she could be a character in a reboot of "Logan's Run." (Yeah, I realize we've been talking 80s nostalgia, and I just tripped into 70s nostalgia. That's where my mind went. Not sorry.)

He's a good actor (not to mention, quite a handsome one in the 70s: movies like 1979's "Dracula," and the 1970 Mel Brooks comedy "The Twelve Chairs"), but I thought it was a shame they buried Frank Langella's face beneath the Skeletor makeup in the film.

And call me a heretic, but: I'm not the biggest fan of Courtney Cox -- not even in the 80s, when she appeared in Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" video and on episodes of "Family Ties." And I can't stand Monica on "Friends." (Or her equally annoying brother.)

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I think most people tended to like Frank Langella's version of Skeletor - it's been a long time since I last saw the film but I remember quite liking how scary he was - like they took it seriously rather than treating the whole thing as a joke - but yeah - buryng the best actor under all that make up might have been a mistake. Courtney Cox is definitely annoying! I don't think saying that qualifies you as a heretic :)

Logan's Run? Haven't seen that for an even longer time! Could be that my random nostalgia art takes me back there one day - who knows? Thanks for commenting!
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That is amazing! Easily recognisable as the actress and in your own style.

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Thanks Mark! Not sure how many people remember this film so I probably could have gotten away with a dodgy likeness - but I got weirdly obsessive about this one and had to get it right - so the comments are much appreciated! (and the :+fav: too!)
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Oh, I really miss the 80's.

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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be! Thanks for the :+fav: - much appreciated :)
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Heh awesome work here
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Thanks for the kind words and the :+fav: - much appreciated!
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mastersamus117Student Writer
Darn it now I wish Mattel wasn't doing MOTU toys again so Super7 could've given us this Teela.
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That would have been great! Thanks for the :+fav: - much appreciated!
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mastersamus117Student Writer
No problem.
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mja42xHobbyist Artist
Wow, this brings back memories. I never expected to see fan art of the Teela movie version. I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan when I was a kid and remember seeing this in theaters. Even back then I knew it was different from the cartoon and toys but I didn’t care. I was just excited to see a live action He-Man, lol.
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