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Majesty - God Save The Queen!

Fanart of one of :iconnextglobalcrisis: creations - Majesty! This was a bit of art I did as part of the background image of a recent commission but I liked it so much I wanted to rework it so that it could be seen properly. The 'God Save The Queen!' line seemed appropriate but has a double meaning - on the one hand it shows Majesty as a flag-waving patriotic heroine - on the other hand it could equally apply to the character herself, who was replaced after suffering a terrible defeat (and the original actress moving on!) Will we see her again? Only time will tell!
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DaColdOne's avatar many dark storylines going through my head right now.

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I figure I'm better off not asking! Thanks for the :+fav: - much appreciated!

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Oh, nothing bad. This just reminds me of my "Remember the Fallen" pic a little and the actual dark storylines I have planned for that warped little 'verse of mine.

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Nice pin-up version of @nextglobalcrisis - Majesty.

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Thanks for the kind words and the :+fav:- this is a taster for a commission I'm working on so hopefully there will be a bit more Majesty art soon :)

Outstanding! She looks like a few girls I've known! Ha! Ha!

Along with commissions,do you do freelance work for comic book covers?

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I would love to but I have a day job and only really get to draw in my free time. Maybe one day :)

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One of my favorites as I'm a fan of the full bodysuit heroines, especially when there is a tempting zipper, hehe. Great work here! :)

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It’s a great outfit. Sadly NGC suits have been consistently hideous for some time now – reaching a new low with the mess that poor Carmen Black has been put in! But this is an exception. Thanks for the kind words and the :+fav:- much appreciated!

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No problem - always a pleasure drawing NGC stuff :) Thanks for the :+fav:- much appreciated!

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As usual you are my favorite DA artist when it comes to drawing heroines. Once again you've killed it and I'm glad you redid the poster so we could see Majesty in her glory instead of just her humiliation.

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It's a better picture I think! But a commission is a commission! Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

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Let me guess what the scandal was she was wearing USA panties!

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That would have been the final straw!

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She doesn't have any vacation except holidays.

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The only superhero who's vehicle is a royal yacht! Thanks for :+fav:ing the Majesty pictures - more to come (eventually!)

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Indeed! Thanks for the :+fav:!

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Oh, she looks much better when she's not covered in rotten vegetables! Too bad the superhero thing did not work out for her.

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Ha! Yes, I think most people probably look better without rotten vegetables :) Luckily she has a few fans so she will be reappearing (in comic form at least) fairly soon! Thanks for the :+fav: - much appreciated!

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Simply gorgeous work!

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