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November 26, 2007
From the contorted posture to the blatant bindings, RIPcage by *MrKostas is gorgeous and artistic. Its bondage theme has a fetish appeal while the lighting, body position, texture contrasts, and overall composition suggest hint at the careful planning of a skilled artist and talented model.
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Model: Rogue

oh, it was so long ago...

and no, she's not skinny, she doesn't have to eat more and i don't have to feed her, mkay? skip that part please, it's just her pose and my lighting... i just love ribcages ^^;

Copyright © 2007 Konstantin Alexandroff (Dirty Angels .Net -- [link])
This image is not a stock and can't be used in any form without my explicit written permission!
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Rib cages, chains, and armpits. What could be better? 
Kostassoid's avatar
less armpits, more ribs
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You explanation caught me because I've gotten similar statements where I included a ribcage in an image. My favorite was "I think skeletons should be on the inside."

Some people are just built like that.

I think the most interesting thing in this image is the hiding of her face and how it is done both with lighting and wardrobe.
waywarderotica's avatar
nice. i can count them, in the light.
Ecchi-Senshi's avatar
I love ribcages too. Go fig. And collarbones. Anyway.

Fantastic photo. I love the lighting.
Rojpix's avatar
yeah I am with you collar bones and rib cages ummmmmm
wow i'm really impressed with this one. the way you did the lighting makes her look almost mystical...great job
VivianMckenzie's avatar
she is so her photos..;)..
DistortedSmile's avatar
Beautiful as ever :flirty:

:+favlove: Featured here ---> [link]
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This has been featured in my journal! [link] :boogie:
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this is gorgeous.
Blackfire-Dragon's avatar
the lightning and shadow in here are great. its both a very smooth and very clear photo, the texture of her skin and how smoothly i rounds the breast and waist is just beautiful:love:

great job!!:D
Catharsisky's avatar
Why would anyone be annoyed because she's thin and not because she has a bag over her head.
...i hate thin discrimination
neuSin's avatar
Thanks for the great deviation *

i agree.. rib cages... :heart:
Yes, very nice lighting and color. I found myself going over the picture trying to figure out where her head has gone!
opyu's avatar
Breathtaking ;)

Best regards
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