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Queen Of Maggots

if you know what i mean
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I'm working on a comicbook in which each page is done by a different artist and feel this would make a fabulous Page 12 and this character would join the story of Korsaque and Mary.

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Wow...    Thank You
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Считаю, что маска лишняя тут. 
Задумка интересная. 
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Nicely done, a beautiful and compelling image.
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Great photo!

The Cat Lady is a very interesting game, I like it a lot. Depression for me is an opportunity to rediscover life, through the relapses. What Susan says at the end of the game made me smile.
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was it a cynical smile?
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No, what she said was a good advice! :)
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it was indeed. still, I liked the river poem more, just for the beauty of it.
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I like this poem a lot. It's such a beautiful scene with the poem and that sunset.
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happy easter, btw
Stunning photo.
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Really cool! :)
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OMG this is perfect ! :heart:
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Cat Lady!! Woohoo! :woohoo:
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I LOVE that game :D
Oh there's also a prequel "Downfall" if you haven't played it :)
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oh yes, I've played through Downfall and loved it. but The Cat Lady I discovered just recently so I'm still struggling with depression and whatnot.
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Yes, I know what you mean..
I have depression since I was 14, when my father died and this game actually helped me a little.
I was totally surprised when I realized that dialogs, places, situations and states of mind were so PERFECTLY captured, that I felt like this game is about me, it was so weird and somehow relieving, that there are people who do understand and are able to translate it into a game. It's really fascinating.
Especially when Susan have to face five psychopats, who in reality represents her fears.
For me the most creepy and disturbing one was that zombie nurse, I felt shivers down my spine when I saw her for the first time, brrr.
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i've read many times about this game being pretty realistic regarding depression. that's rare, and impressive. though that's not the (only) reason to play this game.

p.s. and less spoilers please, let other people enjoy their untimely demise!
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:blush: Oh, um sorry about that  ^^;
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Wow... Very, very nice !
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This is an amazing shot.
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