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Pizza Time Theatre

By Kosperry
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 I don't really play computer games, or games really much at all. I prefer to draw. But I DO play Five Nights At Freddy's. I've actually been pondering on sharing my fanart for it since the first game. Which I have completed, including 4/20 mode. I'm on the 5th night in the 2nd game currently. Anyway, I decided to cave in and post this one.
I think the whole concept of the game is pure genius. I've always been fond of animatronic characters since Disneyland, so I'd like to think its why I like the idea of the game.

Edit: Woah, woah...WOW! This made it to the dA front page? Thousands of views and faves? Honestly, you guys are amazing. Thank you for all your support! I've never had a single deviation get attention like this. Thank you all, and I wish I could thank you individually. Thank you for sharing it with people you know that will enjoy it!  I'm happy to entertain you guys with what I do. You guys are more than welcome to keep sharing if you'd like! 
 Like I said...I wasn't even planning on submitting this at all. I actually was afraid to! That goes to show I shouldn't let things hold me back from sharing my gift god has blessed me with to bless you guys! Might I say, welcome new watchers to my little art corner here on dA! :- D 

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fnaf by Dwarfdraco
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Foxy looks like he's about to gouge someone's eye out

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You make 'em look a LOT less unnerving.
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Didn't know Disney liked fnaf
ArtisticManiac16's avatar
This is basically Five Nights At Freddys if it was the Disney version.
musoaypokinoki's avatar

This style is really really good!!! Its reminds me of All dog go to heaven, which is probably what you were going for <3

jeanclaudejunior's avatar
OMG! I can't believe how Well is this Don Bluth style art. Where did you learn that? It's Brilliant! It's like you travelled back in time to look how Don Bluth's drawings work
FastFlame3549's avatar
This kinda looks like Disney animation
Aerozamon's avatar
I definitely see this as a cartoon, nice job.
Izlude's avatar
ahhh you really captured that bluth droopy lip style, so nostalgic 
Please teach me how to draw like this
I honestly like this style better than the new ones.
KaybuscusCappius's avatar
My favorite representation of these characters in the Don B style. I've seen your other works but this one captures them so well. 
sanderslexi06's avatar
i like it it's funny :)
ashbasher22's avatar
This looks awesome. :D
LaikaTheArticArtist's avatar
hey! For the way you do your drawings, I suppose that maybe the creators of amazing movies would ask you to be a participant, hehe
LaikaTheArticArtist's avatar
children always like to go for how animatronics are, amazin!!!! it's just like Disney old pictures :P
PKelton's avatar
this is still may favorite picture you ever made of Fnaf
LightPrentice's avatar
Foxy looks so menacing back there, hehe! At least the others are more or less hiding their feelings about getting someone...
mikeiscool12345's avatar
When is the full fnaf film released on youtube?
It's not an actual movie
That-One-Bean's avatar
Ahhh! This looks so cool! I love how you did the face expressions and everything!
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Say guys, shouldn't we band together and try to help Kosperry by nominating her to become a Senior Member on Deviantart, so that we can all do something very nice for her in return for all the very nice things she's done for us? ;) (Wink) Here's a link to the DeviantArt page that explains how it works and what it takes for a DeviantArt artist to become a Senior Member:
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I'm torn.  I hate Five Nights At Freddy's, but I love Don Bluth.

And no, I didn't come here just to say that; I found this link via Don Bluth's TV Tropes page.
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Oh really? Interesting! :aww:
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