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Nice of DK to invite us ova fora party eh Pauline?

I tried so hard to fit that into the title LOL :lol:

Posting this one as it is Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary today cause it was originally released in Japan arcades in this day in 1981! I wasnt sure if I wanted to upload this today, or on its US release anniversary which is July 31st, so here it is now! xP Hope ya like it! I know that the Kong in the original game is Cranky Kong, but I just wanted an excuse to draw DK! xDD

I will reiterate that I am no longer active on dA much anymore, but you can find my art here instead!
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I dunno why but I can totally imagine the DK rap in the background during this scene

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I love your take on Donkey Kong! It's awesome!

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Gorillas have opposable toes similar to a thumb, but the rest is epic.

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wtf so great man. who do you work for?

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Just followed you on IG! Thanks for the link!

Mario-and-Sonic-Guy's avatar

An interesting way to depict Donkey Kong in the Don Bluth art style.

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I thought the style looked familiar!

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Kinda wanna see K. Rool suddenly

LillyanaTheAritstlol's avatar

i would imagine if kosperry do rabbid kong in his style i wanna see it

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Hi, This is Awesome! 💕 Very Well Done! :D

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I love donkey Kong in your style how you made him he sorta reminds me of king louie

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Pauline looks great in your style.

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This is so gooood!!

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Nice screenshot!

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Excuse me Kosperry my memory is a little shot but what was the movie animation style you based these awesome artstyles on again? I couldn't remember which of your earlier artworks your response was😔

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I have quite a few artistic influences, but my 2 main inspirations are Disney and Bluth!

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I'm really loving this art piece here. Donkey Kong rocking that banana shirt that goes well with his tie and Pauline looking so rather stylish in that late 70's outfit. And there's Mario pumping up the jam as the three begin to celebrate and party with banana smoothies and all that jazz!

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Why is this still not Nintendo funded animated series? Don't they want our money? :shrug:

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I've always wanted to see the big ape in your Art style

You got some an interesting art style that I would love to see become an animated feature, do you take inspiration from the works of don bluth?

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Happy 40th anniversary to Donkey Kong!!

what's with the Elvis hair?

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