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August 19, 2019
''Let's-a go!'' by Kosperry
Featured by Thiefoworld
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''Let's-a go!''


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So uhh yeah remember how I teased this project in a description of an OLD submission back in 2015?? Its finally here! :boogie: Something I've been wanting to draw since even before then.

You see, the Mario series is such a huge part of my life... and 2019 actually marks 10 Years since I have been in the fandom, the Mario fandom was one of the first I have ever been a part of online! c: And honestly, it plays a huge part of who I am today art-wise, mainly because of the awesome peeps that I met through it!

In Summer of 2009 I was 11 years or old almost 12...My family got our first gaming systems: the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo 64. They were hand-me downs from a friend that wanted my siblings and I to have them. It was so cool!! We had never had games like that before. Growing up, I had those Atari, Pac-Man, Spider-Man, etc. "Plug N' Play" games. Remember those? Anyway, that was definitely a summer to remember! We played a lot of Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Mario Kart 64 as those were the few games that our friend had also handed down to us. Then we got Mario Party 7 as well! I drew my first Mario bros fanart pics not long after that and posting them to my then 3-4 month old dA account. I posted Bowser arts cause he was growing to be a huge fav of mine along with Luigi! <3
And then, I get a comment or two from a user, who happens to be biggest Bowser fangirl I know! (Or should i say...a Bowser Queen! I am sure you're likely reading this now, so you know who you are! x3) And she was always so nice and supportive to me regarding my Bowser drawings and that made me feel really special and meant a lot to me as a young artist! :hug: Her encouragement made me want to draw more and practice, especially Mario stuff! So thats where my art direction headed for the next several years! And to this day...I am still happy to be making Mario art! Those were such fun times, and I treasure the friends I have made during those years that made it all so great! :la: Much love to you all, if you're reading this!

I must say the timing of me finally drawing this picture happening to be in the Summer of 2019 is quite the fun way of marking 10 years since I joined the mario community offically! :dummy:
I guess it took so long to get around to because I wanted to come up with a good concept, so its something that got pushed to the side for a while until May/June 2019 when I actually started sketching the individual characters and concepts for it, and soon it all came together June 29th 2019! I took a lot of inspiration from that one classic SMB 3 artwork, as I always loved that one!… I wanted to include a good amount of characters, but didnt want to overcrowd it either! ;v; Definitely needed the koopalings there for sure! When we got our first Nintendo Wii for Christmas in 2009, we also got New Super Mario Bros. Wii and I loved the Koopalings after playing, I drew them SO much LOL! I still love those guys, Ludwig is the best boi! :meow:
I even found a way to print this drawing poster size too, and I really wanted this one on my wall since its a special one to me, feels surreal to actually have a piece of mine printed as a poster! Something I always wished for when I was little, I used to resort to making my own with posterboards or cardboard with markers! :XD: And sorry the quality isnt too good, as I took the photograph with my iPod Touch!

But YEEEAA I'm glad to finally be able to share this drawing with you all... and its no coincidence I uploaded this on 8-4...which is Bowser Day!

Hope you will enjoy! :happybounce:

  EDIT: 8-19-19
Holy christmas!!! This ended up being suggested for a Daily Deviation!!! :la: I am so honored, and overjoyed with this news I found out when I logged on today!
Thank you so so much to Thiefoworld for suggesting this piece! I cant express how much this means to me!
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If Don Bluth did a Mario movie

Crocbit's avatar

I love your artsyle. :D

KnockoutNorko87's avatar

Aww, so wholesome lad. So wholesome. Glad I read through it.

CharlieMozart97's avatar

Just wanted to say this is a breathtakingly incredible emulation of Don Bluth's style, I don't think I've seen anyone come as close to doing it justice as you have, keep up the fantastic work.

Too cool :shakefist: ... and I could NEVER beat that game :cries:...

How do you make it look like 30 years ago :stare:...?

clydeghostart's avatar

Love how all the koopaling have a personality.

This Looks Like All Dogs Go To Heaven Style

MagicUniverse4ever's avatar

Shut up and take my money! This NEEDS to happen!

bruhmoment2489's avatar

Imagine looking at this out of context

DaveAndersenArt's avatar

This is awesome! I LOVE Super Mario Bros! Such an old school Disney movie type style in this piece. Not exactly Disney, but you can see the influence in it. Very cool. Can I ask a question? I can't figure out how you uploaded an image that can zoom in as much as this? When I upload my art, it hardly zooms at all, despite being high resolution. If you happen to know, can you leave a message on my Super Mario World art I recently posted? I would greatly appreciate it!

Kosperry's avatar

Sure! When you are on the upload deviation page, you'll see the drop down menu below the thumbnail, and you can pick the largest size it offers! :)

Screenshot 2021-01-22 230724
DaveAndersenArt's avatar

YES!!!!! You're the best! I can't believe I never figured that out. This made me very happy! Thank you very much!!!

Kosperry's avatar
tc55's avatar

Make this movie or else

JujuWannaB's avatar

OMG!!!!!! Keep up with the fantastic work!! I hope we see more of your amazing, incredible content!! Keep being awesome buddy lol!!! :D

GreenStarLover's avatar
Welcome, to the new super mario super show!
JeremiahKun-Arts's avatar
Hey, where's Bowser Jr.?
JeremiahFoxx's avatar

He's down by Ludwig and the Goomba, wearing his bandanna and a backwards baseball cap

Don Bluth would be proud

EddieDHardRockFan's avatar

Somebody get Don Bluth Studios on the line right now!! We need a full-length animated feature out of this!

My thoughts exactly.

JosephBrunoroBeilman's avatar

Ngl you have no idea how much I'd pay for this to become a full fledged animated film

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