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Lady and the Kong!

I guess this is like part 2 of my previous upload Nice of DK to invite us ova fora party eh Pauline? by Kosperry ! XD Just character drawings of DK and Pauline I thought I'd share! 8D
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Jul 23, 2021, 2:20:09 PM
© 2021 Kosperry
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When Are You Gonna Draw Rosalina?

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I drew her last year but still havent posted it yet, LOL! x'D I promise I will soon though!

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Now that's super 80's!

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Pauline looks like some movie star form the 80s

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He really looks like a light and beefy version of King Louie ❤️🦧❤️

please more 🙏

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This is so amazing! I really loved their designs here!8 0 ' s K I D

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Zippora from Prince of Egypt, that's who DonBluthesque Pauline reminds me of!

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An excellent rendition of the Banana Slamma and the Mayor of New Donk City!

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Incredible! :oops: If you require a few hundred dollars anytime just let me know because I have a small commish idea I have in mind :)

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Twas Lady tamed the Kong.

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EMOTE - CD-I Mario Donkey Dong

A plumber's work is never done. That's why I charge overtime for chasing gorillas tossing barrels, Luigi.

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I absolutely adore how you do Nintendo characters. You keep what makes them, well, them, while adding on your own spin and dash of personality.

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I swear, you must be a Disney artist or something. These drawings are fantastic!

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is just me or is donkey kong in this don bluth version looks like king louie from the jungle book? lol

Why am I reminded of Disney’s version of The Jungle Book?

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Love this! A groovy Kong!

Assuming that the events of Donkey Kong happened in this story, the one who kidnaps Pauline is Donkey Kong and not Cranky Kong?

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