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I'm sorry, but I do not take Requests/Trades/Collabs anymore. Commissions are currently closed!

Hello there to the World Wide Web! I am Kosmo Perry! :la: - 26yrs old -He/him/they! - Transgender pixel flag AroAce Heart Emoticon -Born and raised in Southern Californiaaa! :happybounce: I love to draw, animate from time to time, doing crafts, and being SILLY!! I have been drawing for 20 + years, and its just always been my passion in life! :la: I guess a pretty big thing to note about myself is that I’m totally stuck in the 80’s! I dress it, I live it. It’s where I’ve felt I belonged for years and it just makes me happy all around!! I like to incorporate that into my artstyle and such too! :aww: I am a crazy fan of: Neopets, Columbo, Seinfeld, Back To The Future, Journey/Steve Perry, Foxes, Mario Bros (luigi XD), and CHEESE!!!!!!!

Some things I also like to do is go thrift shopping, collecting cool vintage stuff, hang out with family and friends, watch my fav movies on VHS, and listen to my fav music of cassette tapes! My absolute favorite musician is Steve Perry! He’s my inspiration. And, Journey, of course is my fav band!

I love to make new friends, too! Please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello, I am a super duper sociable person! I’d love to chat if you ever wanted to talk!

My most favorite animals are Wolves and Foxes! My fursona character, Kosmo Perry is a toon Fox-Neopet hybrid! My character is based off myself, and Lupes from Neopets! Let’s see what, uh, what can I add to this...Oh! The things I love to draw most are cartoon animals, original characters I created such as Journey Beyond, and also I love drawing fan art for things I love such as Back To The Future, Super Mario Bros, Steve Perry, Seinfeld, Columbo..... and much more you’ll see here on my dA or on my Twitter and Instagram too!

Anyway, I started drawing at around 2-3 years old, and never stopped there! I was always so inspired by the animated movies I saw as a kid; Disney and Don Bluth specifically! I’m so grateful and blessed to be able share my artwork with you all, and I want to just thank you for enjoying it! It means the world to me!

See ya around!

Favourite Visual Artist
Walt Disney, Don Bluth, Amblimation, Dreamworks 2D Animation era
Favourite Movies
Disney's Robin Hood, Back To The Future, The Land Before Time, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Balto, The Lion King, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Xanadu + more! (Also pretty much all Peter Falk movies!)
Favourite TV Shows
Columbo(LOVE PETER FALK!!!) and Seinfeld!!!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
JOURNEYYYY! STEVE PERRY!!! And....Uhhh literally toooo many 70's and 80's bands/artists to count! XD
Favourite Games
Super Mario games, Super Smash Bros series, Mario Kart series, Mappy and other Atari games
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and paper, Photoshop 8, Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
Other Interests
ch e e s e
Hellooooo everyone in dA land!!! :dummy: Long time no journal huh? XD I am excited because recently something fun happened, in which I was invited to be a guest on the Post Modern Art Podcast, to chat about art and stuff!!! I figured, hey, I would love to share this with you all here on dA too! :aww: :happybounce: Here is the link to the episode, or its also on Spotify! I hope you enjoy! ^w^ -Kosmo
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Well- The end of dA Classic is near! :ohnoes: Its gonna be sad seeing the original site go...so many memories, ya know! :)  I'm not leaving the site though, I'll still be here! (as much as I reallllly don't like the layout aaaaghhgghhg) However, I figured I would post up a journal mentioning my other places of art as well! :aww: I already dont use dA much for my art anymore as of a while ago, but here is where else you can find me on the net! :la: (tiny edit: I know fA is a pretty popular art site too, but I have never had interest in having an account there personally, heh ^^) :bulletblue: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kosperry :bull
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First of all HELLO yes, i am not dead (seeing as I last uploaded somethin here 4 months ago), just moved hehe! XD I have no idea why but something clicked in my mind a while ago. I wanna upload some older drawings that I never posted here before. Ones that I HAVE posted on my my instagram and my twitter  between late 2019 and this year! Those sites are my home for art now, which is why you dont see it here on dA anymore. But basically I'm like... 'heck it, im gonna post some stuff on dA' I just think my account needs a little more content. :aww: What do you all think?? Its a mixture of stuff that I'm kinda proud of and want to share it!
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My art of Scrap Baby in you style


Hey I was just wondering how’d you even learn to draw like don bluth in the first place cuz i wanna draw like him too

His movies have been an influence of mine ever since I started drawing as a kid!! Going back to late 1999-2000! :)

So mainly he's just been a big part of my many artistic influences all these years, and so I just kept on practicing over the years because drawing has always been my passion! :aww:

oh ok I’ll def try that thx for letting me know

I love your FNAF art! It’s amazing!

Aww thanks so much!!! :la:

Happy belated Thanksgiving!