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This is a german speaking group.
Sorry, we write everything here in german language!
Dies ist eine Gruppe für Bilder und Werke zu dem P&P-RPG Spiel "Kosmoversum"

Mehr Beschreibung folgt demnächst...
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Jul 20, 2017


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

6 Members
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Gallery Folders

100themes - 39 - Dreams by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Future Sight - a look ahead and beyond by Ultraviolet-Versalis
DEJ3 10 Sarianna by Sorianumera
Sarianna and Arian Collab by Natalie-Priscila
749 - Raikuna Ixiom Niopalja 3D by Ultraviolet-Versalis

Mature Content

664 - Decided by Ultraviolet-Versalis
661 - Project Raikuna by Ultraviolet-Versalis
DEJ2020-N1 - Daisy and the Mimik by Ultraviolet-Versalis
2021 DEJ 6 - Ijoka  the Thunderclaw by Ultraviolet-Versalis
767 - Endi, the Shield of Light by Ultraviolet-Versalis
764 - The Void Voice v2 by Ultraviolet-Versalis
2021 DEj 3 - Lady Cassandra by Ultraviolet-Versalis
100themes - 50. Breaking the Rules by Ultraviolet-Versalis
2021 Dej2 - Stratodox Dolor Aeterna by Ultraviolet-Versalis
DEJ2020-N17 - (Magmelian Assassin) by Ultraviolet-Versalis
622 - Clockwork Sphere by Ultraviolet-Versalis
411 - The Diabots by Ultraviolet-Versalis
410 - The Orkai by Ultraviolet-Versalis
409 - The Zenkari by Ultraviolet-Versalis
408 - Sharnari by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Animals and Monster

Mature Content

587 - Queen Over-Hatred, Eater of Dreams by Ultraviolet-Versalis
567 - The Seascores by Ultraviolet-Versalis
549 - Tionit Blob by Ultraviolet-Versalis
548 - Pink Blob by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Scenery and Background
740 - The Nimmerversum and  the 27 Demons by Ultraviolet-Versalis
736 - Pink Void - Veins of the Cosmoverse by Ultraviolet-Versalis
729 -  White Void, the  Realm of Nullification by Ultraviolet-Versalis
100 themes -- 56. Danger Ahead by Ultraviolet-Versalis
553 - Code 22-23118 by Ultraviolet-Versalis
442 - The Oresh-Kewar Triangle by Ultraviolet-Versalis
100-themes - 34 . Stars (Kosmoversum) by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Mysterous Map 4 - (Documents from the Laboratory ) by Ultraviolet-Versalis
728 - Rivelazioni by Ultraviolet-Versalis
710 - Unwritten Talisman by Ultraviolet-Versalis
100themes - 80.Words by Ultraviolet-Versalis
568 - Mystery of A Cube by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Requiem of the Immortal - Verse 1Without the immortalsNormality returned to the different existencesNo one seemed to miss the power of the unspeakableBut not everyone was happyThe act of the man in black split all existences into three big campsThose who were glad that the supernatural was goneThose who miss them and want them back and even at all costsAnd those who feel robbed, regardless of whether the result is good or bad.The First Camp is called "The Redeemed." They celebrate and reward the man as a heroThe Second Camp is called "The Lost."They demonize the man, haunt him with unspeakable hatred.The Third Camp is the greatest.They are called "The Broken".They look at the man with different opinionsA saviour, a robber, a rapist or a destroyer.When all mortals in the cosmoverum lost their powers.And lost the title of "immortal"many things changed, but some things remained almost untouchedWithout the immortals who held the power over all the worldsa better balance returned to lifeBut also with balance and an unusual orderThe chaos moved to a new placeWithout the power of the immortalsAre the beings from the ether now considered invincibleMortals can now be fairer to each otherespecially due to the merciless compulsion not to have a choice anymoreBut now to feel defenceless for the ether beingsFear of the unknown out there, beyond the ether growsThe Infinite WidthsNo longer fully explorableMortality no longer able to defend itself from the eternalOut there they rest, the Ancient EternalsChapter One - The Ancient Legacy.
Noah-Belives in-You-Stamp by Ultraviolet-Versalis
647 - Unveiled by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Signs and Symbols
100themes - 25 - Trouble Lurking by Ultraviolet-Versalis
709- Weihnachten-2020 by Ultraviolet-Versalis
682 - The first door opens by Ultraviolet-Versalis

Mature Content

659 - Right revelation of the land by Ultraviolet-Versalis
Shapeshifting Atlas
335 - Raikuna's natural form E   (Nr.5-000017) by Ultraviolet-Versalis










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