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Naruto Part 1 in three panels

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yeah thatsounds about right
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that's why I hate Sasuke
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Oh Sasuke.... 

That's the bases of his entire character arch throughout the entire manga! 

Sasuke: My backstory is more tragic than yours! STFU!
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Facepalm oh sasukeFreddy Facepalm Chat Icon Facepalm niall GIF Steven Universe - Facetable Rainbow Dash (facepalm) plz 
kitcat1121's avatar
yup pretty much covers it :D
OrangeRinRin's avatar
And I present to you ladies and gentlemen, Sasuke.
gcarolineu1013's avatar
Yes. Exactly. I have to say sasuke is great, his expressions and all. Great job !
Luzbelita-la-Mafa's avatar
Wow! Neji's face shows my reaction!

Why can you get along sasuke!!!
Phoenixdragon7's avatar
Gosh, Sasuke. You aren't supposed to kill the dramatic tone there! :onfire:
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I think this might be the most biggest reason why Sasuke is my least favorite. Never liked him. He thinks that it's just so much 'oh poor him' this and 'oh poor him' that, that he totally forgets about all the good stuff around him. People are there for him and wants to befriend with him, but he ignores it. That's what made his life even more miserable.... Of course you may get emo when your family is killed but STILL can't you look around, Sasuke?
Sorry that this is not a really good opinion to share when the point of this is that you LIKE him, but I just felt like saying what I think...
Oh Sasuke... I hope you never change <3
Lilibodett's avatar
My reaction to the last panel : :iconohhellnoplz: SASUKE!!!!
Lexiiss's avatar
lmfaoo! omgg yess ^_^
animelover164's avatar
ha.......i suppose.....
willycat97's avatar
That is very true never really liked sasuke and this shows what happened
CharlotteTurner's avatar
...If anyone watching Shippuden with me asks about the first series and what happened I can pretty much just show them this and they can have a basic understanding. ;P
kosmonauttihai's avatar
I'm glad you find it accurate. Thank you.
VirginNympho's avatar
really? this i why i hate sasuke.

too each his/her/its/their/what-have-you own i suppose. its still really funny.
kosmonauttihai's avatar
I think Sasuke's snootiness is funny.
VirginNympho's avatar
that's definitely a good reason!
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He thinks he is better just because his family was killed. The one and only character I don't like.
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