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Gaara sketchdump

He gets his own, because I like him the best.

Various sketches of that Gaara kid from Naruto, done sometime during the latter half of 2008.

First the twelve-year-old version, doing what he does best - deathglaring, hating your guts (but contemplating whether they'd be more tolerable outside you), sandcoffining and going all batshit. Then the thirteen-year-old (edit later: nope, he's still twelve, but moving on...) one, coloured mostly because I wanted to see if this brick-red marker called "Brown" would look okay for his hair (it does, the people who make Copics and Anko Mitarashi are clearly smoking the same stuff).

The last picture is what came to mind when I was watching Naruto and Sakura's "look how much I've grown" moments at the beginning of Shippuuden and wondered what the Gaaras of different ages might think of each other.

The bottom picture has a continuation here. :)
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Lol. That's so true.
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I love it! I love how you make his own backstory funny!
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I have a question. Is it wrong that I find grown-up Gaara's remark funny? I hope not. I like this picture. It's so well done. I just added this to my favorites.
kosmonauttihai's avatar
No, it's not wrong to find my jokes funny. I hope. :)
Thank you.
XNocturnalTigerlilyX's avatar
Yay! Um..What's wrong with tiny Gaara and crazy Gaara?
Your welcome.
kosmonauttihai's avatar
In what way do you mean what's wrong?
XNocturnalTigerlilyX's avatar
I mean what made Tiny Gaara so sad? And what made Crazy Gaara go all batshit? I'm so sorry if I sound rude and I'm sorry if I offended you.
kosmonauttihai's avatar
Ah. Just, stuff that happens to him in the manga.
XNocturnalTigerlilyX's avatar
Oh. That makes sense. Thanks for answering my questions.
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No problem. Thank you for commenting.
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:iconfeelsplz: The feels. you smash them
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I love Shippuden Gaara's little smirk there while he's talking to his self.....It's almost as if he's trolling him x}
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very different but cool anyway! fav!
CrystleIceFire's avatar
Cute! I love these! :D
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This is too cute lol I love your style of drawing him.
xBreezey's avatar
My heart just melted.
littledemontingy's avatar
So perfect! I love how amazing this interpretation of Gaara s life fazes interaction is. Again, I love your art!
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AWWWWW! Makes SO much sense!!! OwO
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Young gara: What the hell's gotten into you?!
Me: Naruto =^_^=
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And that's the canon truth.
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