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A succulent day off

Kagespouses on a stay-at-home date.

Mostly FireAlpaca with occasional editing in PaintShopPro. The textures and custom brushes are mine.

This took me two months and a week, and I had so much fun working on it I didn't want to finish it because then I'd have to STOP! I love painting small, detailed plants, it turns out.

You can reblog it here at tumblr. Please don't repost, the full picture is too big for tumblr anyway.
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The two humans think they are up to something, but the plants are conspiring behind their backs....
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Redbek - Get Featured message SENT by deidara1444 Congratulation! Your art get featured in :iconthe-5-kages: group.
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No problem! It's very detailed ^^
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This is really cool and I like how you gave Naruto a prosthetic arm:D
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Thank you! Canon felt like a missed opportunity to show the protagonist staying disabled is not incompatible with a happy ending.
BlueMoonroseDragon's avatar
Yah that's true but thats what makes the hero more relateable.
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jesus christ the details of this drawing... amazing
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Thank you, it was a lot of fun to paint little by little.
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I'm absolutely blown away by the level of details in this piece, it's gorgeous.

I've been staring at it for almost ten minutes, just taking in all the lovingly crafted details and suddenly noticed that Naruto's arm is prosthetic! It's a nice touch, let's forget the end chapter of the manga happened, eh? :D
kosmonauttihai's avatar
Thank you!

Yeah, I ignore the manga ending for a bunch of reasons, and having the main character's disability be magically cured like otherwise it couldn't have been a happy ending is one of them.
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Yeah, there were so many eeeh things about the finale, for such an amazing manga.. it was disappointing.

But seeing arts of my faves happy make my heart happy, so keep on keepin' on :la:
I'd gladly accept a GaaNaru ending like your pictures, over what we got, any day.
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Thank you again. If you're interested in more alternate versions of the ending, I drew a few things right after it came out. They're here: (link), (link), (link)
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That's lovely <3
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Gaara is a  cute smol plant lovin nerd and I love this.
You put in so much detail :heart:
kosmonauttihai's avatar
Thank you! It was fun to work on.
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This is beautiful!! The amount of work and detail in this piece is amazing! Fantastic work :) They have such a beautiful garden. (And I love the little drawing of Gaara on the wall)
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Thank you! It was fun to work on.
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you are easily my favorite artist when it comes to Gaara, your drawings are always so full of emotions I don't even know how I can describe it- they really touch me <3
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Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that!
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WOW!!!!!!! Definitely one of my favorites of yours. May I ask what the little drawing taped up in the background says?
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