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Gay like all the best things in life.

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Gay dinosaurs which are gay

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Do you take commissions at all ? I'd love to get some art by you in the future !!

Thank you so much for asking! I'm really happy to hear you like my art enough to want to commission me.

I haven't taken commissions in a while, but hopefully I'll be able to do so again some day. I'll put a post about it on my page here when I do open commissions.

Hello! Do you have other places where you post your art?

Hi! I do, thank you for asking.

There's a bunch at my site, and here's the page for all the dino art in particular.

In addition to posting WIPs on my patreon I use it as a sketchblog, and I also sometimes post art on tumblr. And my blogspot doesn't have drawings, but I post photos there, though at the moment it's kind of taken over by screenshots of videogames and baby birds. And I post fanfics to AO3 once in a blue moon.

Thanks for the reply! I have a friend that also loves dinos and I want to show her your amazing art but she doesn't use DA so I'll show her your site <3

Thank you so much! For dinoart, that page on my site really is the most comprehensive index for all of it, with links to where else I've posted each picture, and the JP/W raptor AU stuff in chronological order by story. I hope your friend likes them. :)

If some of the pictures have something like "posted to deviantart with more commentary" as their captions, all of my pictures on DA should still be viewable without an account, too.

Hello just checking in to see that you are okay