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Do you do art commissions Kosmona? I am curious cause I was wondering if you could do a drawing like your comic sketches for JP/JW except without words. I ama writer and actually working on a JW Fanfic that takes place after the events of Fallen Kingdom and during Dominion but towards the goals of what the fans want to happen (Indoraptor survives and becomes Blue's mate, Rexy finds a feathered T-rex mate, and so on). Anyway, this comment is getting really long lol. So anyway would you be interested in draw two baby feathered raptors, one non-feathered raptor, one baby Indoraptor, a Spinoraptor, a Carnoraptor, Blue, and the Indoraptor in a sort of forest scene with a city seen through the trees in the background? Also, if that is alright, could we private chat?

Thank you so much for letting me know you like my work enough to want to commission me! I'm currently not open for commissions, but I'll put a post about it on my front page here when that changes. Here are examples of past commissions I've done, and future ones would most likely be in similar style.

Neet, alright then. Thanks for replying. Can't wait to see what you do next!

I love your art. Have you ever thought of drawing other dinosaurs from different franchises and having them meet? I'd love to see Scarface from the 90's Land of the lost, or Vastatosaurus. I'd love to see Rexy and Grumpy from the 60's Land of the Lost meet. That's be awesome. :)

Thank you! I'm sure you'd do a better job at depicting those meetings, though, since you're familiar with the characters/creatures.

I appreciate you thinking I would, but an artist I am not. I'm more into writing. But, thank you, though. :)

I absolutely LOVE your raptors!