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X7 Hot Fusion 2431 Zooms



By far the deepest feature I have ever rendered, this zoom drives my concept of Xs made up of Xs one step further by performing a periodic doubling on my previous effort, XXX Cold Fusion Cell:

I rendered this image over 2 weeks time (Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.6Ghz, 4 cores, 64-bit calcs) ending on October 17th, 2010. The original render was intended to be an enormous 4800x1800 pixels, but after 2 weeks, the job was suspended at 25.4% completion. The resulting image was scaled in Gimp to 2400x900 using "nearest neighbor" option to remove redundant pixels. I originally intended to finish this render someday, but over a year has past since. Also, due to a software bug, all iteration data past 6.25% has been corrupted, so I don't feel like re-rendering it.

Mandelbrot, Zoom level 2^-2431
238,457 iterations per pixel average

Each large X consists of 4 arms, each containing 16 X-chromosomes.

4 x 16 = 64

There are seven large X formations. Additionally, there are 2 tiny fragments each containing 32 X-chromosomes, one on either side of the feature. This makes a grand total of 512 tiny X-chromosomes!

(64 x 7) + (32 x 2) = 512

Comments, favs appreciated!
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:omg: thank you for doing this :wow: