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Pterodactyl Bone 2482 Zooms



Here's another fossil I found in the Mandelbrot set. It's huge and bone shaped, hence the name. The final depth of the zoom is 2482.5 Zoom levels, at an average iteration count of 211,000. The seven "X" formations in the center of the bone each have 64 tiny X-chromosomes. The large Xs at the joints each have 128 chromosomes, and each of the six nubs have three Xs consisting of 64 chromosomes each, and a bent tip with a row of 32 tiny chromosomes. That's 7x64 + 2x128 + 3x6x64 + 6x32 = 2048 total chromosomes! Most of them are too small to see. The image is antialiased, but unfortunately, I don't have a larger version available. Render time, 7 days, 8 hours, 2x2 antialias. This formation can be traced back to the tip of one of the arms in "Magnum Opus Ex Lite" [link]

Whew! I think I'll be taking a break from massively-deep-zoom fractals for a while now.

Thanks for viewing. Comments, favs, Llamas appreciated!!!
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